Celebrate 2013 With An Authentic Photo A Day

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Can you believe 2013 is right around the corner? Me either! In celebration, I’m doing something fun to dive into the new year, be present, and keep track of the learning along the way. And I want you to join me!

Introducing Authentic Realities Photo-A-Day!

Now I know there are other Photo-A-Day lists out there, and you’re likely to snap a photo or two for one of those already. Heck, I’ve been doing FatMumSlim’s photo-a-day pretty regularly the past couple of months, and been having a blast. I’m just taking that photo-a-day idea and putting my own little authentic lens on it.

I’m challenging us all to look for authenticity in the little things in our live and share them, either publicly or privately, (although I hope you choose to share yours publicly so we can all celebrate you this year).

The activity isn’t intended to create more work for you simply for the sake of creating more work. It’s for the sake of looking within, finding your authentic you and sharing it with others. I mean, that’s why you’re here, right?

So take and post a photo every day this month or just one day, it’s all up to you. Each week I’ll share my favorites from the week—one from each day—and I hope to have many to choose from.

Use filters or no filters, use your camera phone, a fancy camera, or any ol’ camera you’ve got lying around to take these photos.

Participate in one of the following ways:

  • Use the prompts from the image below and then do one of the following:
    • Post a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #ARPhotoADay
    • Post a photo on Twitter using the hashtag #ARPhotoADay
    • Post a photo on the Authentic Realities Facebook page, including which prompt you’ve addressed
    • Post a photo on your own blog or photo-sharing site and link back to this page
    • Take a photo and keep it to yourself – after all, this journey is yours and you can take it solo if you like
  • Use the lovely FatMumSlim‘s prompts and add the #ARPhotoADay hashtag to your photo, wherever you may post it

Easy, peasy.

Let January be about discovery. Discover yourself and where you are right here, right now. Not in a microscopic-magnifying-glass-ugh-why-is-this-so-icky kinda way, but in a hmmm-let-me-see-who’s-here kinda way. In the name of simplicity I’ve selected a single word for each daily prompt in January. Without further adieu:


A few ways to keep the prompts handy so you’ll have them to refer back to when you’re ready to take your photo each day:

  • save the photo above and keep it on your phone
  • bookmark this page
  • check our Facebook page

I encourage you to have fun with the prompts, and feel free to interpret them in your own way.

Be truthful with the prompts. Be Authentic with the prompts. But most of all, be you with the prompts. I look forward to seeing your photos!

Happy New Year,





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Tina January.3.2013 at 2.30 am

LUV this Dian!!!!!

Dian Reid January.4.2013 at 1.40 pm

Thanks, Tina 🙂 I hope you’ll join for one or more of the days … Happy new year to you!

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