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June 2011

Dates and Dreams and Love and Hope

The Date I didn’t even remember it until I wrote the date out at 10:37 on Monday morning. Got as far as “6-” and when I had to remember that the date was the 27th, a little spark went off in my brain. … something important about this date… I stopped to contemplate the moment. […]

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Possibility Stew

I pushed my nine-item-filled cart up to the Express Lane thinking, I shoulda grabbed a hand basket instead. There was a woman in front of me finishing up her transaction, looking for a pen to sign her check with. I checked the grocery app on my phone to make sure I got all the items […]

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Coming Out: Yup, It’s A Process

One of the things I’m passionate about is shining the light on the LGBT Community, and the power we hold within. Part of acknowledging that power lies not only in coming out of the closet, but in sharing our stories of doing so. When we share our stories, people who are in a situation we […]

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