Out of the Woods (and It Gets Better)

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I wish you out of the woods
And into the picture with me
I wish you over the moon
Come out of the question and be

~ Sinéad Lohan, Out of The Woods

Out of the Woods

I don’t wish that the trees would part for you. I don’t wish that the weeds wouldn’t grow. I don’t wish that the bears wouldn’t lurk.

I wish that you would find comfort in the trees, that you would learn from the trees, that you would navigate your way through the trees. I wish that you would see the weeds for what they are, for what you make them out to be—and then use that knowledge to your advantage. I wish that you would thrive amongst the bears that lurk, the bears that challenge you, the bears that are only concerned with their own survival.

Into the Picture

The Big picture. Your Big Picture. Which is the only one that matters. It’s the picture you’re in charge of, the one you make all the rules in, the one only you get to judge. That’s the picture I wish you into. Yours. Mine. Ours. The one we get to co-create, now that you know how to get out of your woods.

Over the Moon

Head over heels kind of over the moon. The kind of over the moon the cow was when the little dog laughed and the dish ran away with the spoon. Maybe sometimes you’ll be east of the sun and west of the moon, because that’s how life goes. But mostly, you’ll be over the moon, with your heels in the air, your hair flip-flop-flailing all over the place, your heart skipping beats in the best ways possible, and living your dreams because you don’t know how the hell not to.

Come Out of the Question

Questions galore, because questions find solutions. And more than questions, I wish you curiosity—eight lives of it. Not the kind that killed the cat, but the kind that leads you to misadventures and life lessons you’ll never forget. I wish you curiosity of self and others, of judgments and rules, of friends and foes, of presence and mind.

And Be

Maybe most important of any of these things, I wish you to be. Plainly, simply, beautifully, eccentrically, wholly, alive-ly.

You must be alive to be.


It doesn’t just get better; it gets woods-lighting-a-fire-under-your-ass, cows-jumping-over-the-moon-because-you’re-so-spaz-effing-tastic-amazing, no-question-no-doubt-about-it better than whatever it is for you right now.

You just have to be willing to live long enough to get here.


If you’re struggling with coming out of the closet, with putting words around your sexuality—with being yourself—I’m here to tell you I’ve been there, too. I’ve struggled with my words, my identity, my sense of self, and whether or not my life was worth living. I struggled to see a future for myself at all, let alone one that looked “better”.

And here’s what I know about you, without ever having met you: your life is worth living. These struggles are worth learning from. These struggles are outside of you, and if you look beneath the surface of whatever is difficult for you right now, you’ll see a beautiful soul holding out a hand for you to walk to out of your woods. This is your soul.

You and your soul have a date with me, right here, right now just so you can read this. Just so you can look inside yourself and rediscover the strength that lives inside of you. It’s there.

I know it.

I know it because you’re here.


I’m working on a video to accompany these sentiments, and hope to upload it to the It Gets Better Project‘s website by the end of the month. In the meantime, check out the slew of videos that are already there if you’re looking for support. Hell, even if you’re not looking for support, go check them out. Every single one I’ve watched has put me in a place of gratitude and passion for being alive.

And don’t we all deserve that?

UPDATE: You can view my It Gets Better video right here.

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