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April 2011

Curious Comes Out of the Closet

I’m fascinated with the whole coming out process in the LGBT Community—the fact that it really is a process, and that no matter how different, everyone’s process seems to follow a similar path. In fact, I just began a new video series on (Coming Out: Yup, It’s a Process) wherein I break down the […]

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Nurture vs. Coddle

Something’s been tugging at me since writing Choosing the Dance last month, where I chose getting out of bed over sleeping in. I’ve been wondering whether I look at sleeping in as more of a nurturing thing or a coddling thing. With a rational mind, sleeping in that day would have been enabling the sleep […]

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Killer Surprise of Gratitude

This morning I walked into our home-office and found a surprise just outside the second of two litter boxes we have for just as many cats. Killer never has been good at taking care of business inside the box; she’s a finicky girl—always has been. I picked up after her and got in the shower, […]

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Out of the Woods (and It Gets Better)

I wish you out of the woods And into the picture with me I wish you over the moon Come out of the question and be ~ Sinéad Lohan, Out of The Woods Out of the Woods I don’t wish that the trees would part for you. I don’t wish that the weeds wouldn’t grow. […]

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A Big, Gay, Happy Family? It Starts with Safety

This is a guest post, written by Kylie Springman. I spoke with Dian a few weeks ago in response to her post about the dissonances between and within various LGBTQ communities. We concluded that it might be helpful to outline the various identities that exist in order to further discuss the relationships between these communities […]

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