February Bucket List [Updated 2.7.11]

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In January I started a 30-Day Personal Revolution by creating a January Bucket List and knocking off 17 of 25 things on that list, and deeming 4 of the 8 incomplete items as either a mismatch to Feeling the Kick Inside or a path to something that ended up on the below list. One of the things that didn’t get completed was my Coming Out eBook. Not because I didn’t put the work into it or feel the kick inside; I did and I do. I didn’t get her done because it’s so much bigger than the concept I started out with, and I want to do it right for my people. I’d rather thoroughly research the resources I’m backing rather than throw a bunch of crap together for an arbitrary deadline that means nothing to anyone. More on what I want for and from this eBook in a later post.

Let’s get to the bucket list. February has 28 days, so I could go for 28 things on my list. But since I’m over arbitrary numbers and into resonance, I’ll take a look at what I want to accomplish this year and break down some steps for the next 4 weeks that will move me in my right direction. Here’s where it starts, and I’ll update as the month progresses:

February Bucket List.

  • Week 5 of Alex Franzen’s awesome SPT
  • 37 Days goal: Practice being actively curious, not judgmental. Every day. (Wow, this one’s harder than I anticipated)
  • Read The War of Art by Steve Pressfield
  • Send 10 thank you cards
  • Offer 5 women a ridiculously discounted rate for coaching as I go through Certification
  • Test a Life Coaching Course on the Golf Course
  • Create an “It Gets Better” video
  • Score 39 or less on a 9-hole course or 100 or less on an 18-hole course (42 so far on 9 holes)
  • Go to 2 new places in So Cal with the Wildcat (1 down, 1 to go)
  • Volunteer for Habitat For Humanity (scheduled for Feb 19)
  • Have an article published to the new and awesome Jacks and Jills site (watch for publication by Feb 28th)
  • Watch 3 sunsets

What’s important about doing these lists for me isn’t simply acting out each bullet point, but making progress. Progress that matters to me. Progress that makes me a better person today than I was yesterday, and makes me want to be a better person tomorrow than I am today.

Baby steps. Micro movements. That’s how I do it. How do you make progress?

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Square-Peg Karen February.15.2011 at 11.52 pm

Dian, I need to learn some micro-movement reading skills — I LEAPED somehow, from the January mention to the February list — and then spent 5 minutes hunting around the It Gets Better site looking for your video. lol – well, it was an uplifting, hope-filled place to hunt around.

Hurrah for the January list — the Feb one looks wonderful, full of life. What I just love about the whole thing is your openness about it– not tying into arbitrary anything. Allowing yourself to keep checking in and re-bucketing.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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