January Bucket List [Updated 1.31.11]

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Over the next 30 days I’ll be crossing off everything from the list below. It’s a bucket list of sorts, but it’s not what I want to do before I die (unless I’m going to die in 30 days). Amanda Hite and Talent Revolution are challenging people all over North America to create a bucket list for January and begin hacking away at it. Take 3:30 to check out what it’s about and how you might go about your own 30-day personal revolution:

I hope you’ll be joining us by crossing things off your own bucket list.

Here’s mine:

  • Play an 18-hole round of golf (1.30.11, score: 104)
  • Learn 4 new sentences in Spanish
    (never mind. not feeling the kick inside)
  • Meditate a total of 7 hours (299 of 420 minutes meditated)
  • Go on 3 dates with The Wildcat (1.9/1.23/1.29)
  • Complete A Social Guide to Coming Out: An eBook for All Stages of Busting Out of your LGBTQ Closet (sneak peek right here!)
    (The brew is stewing but not quite ready for consumption just yet—gonna take my time on the rest)
  • Begin the rewrite of 7 Days (1.31.11)
  • Volunteer in a homeless shelter in LB
    (Changing this to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in Feb since they actually followed up)
  • Give away 2 hours of coaching (Life Golfing Program)
  • Do 10 pull-ups without assistance or stopping (5.5 as of 1.31.11—4.5 more than on 1.1.11)
  • Get a new front door (1.9.11) and have it installed (1.22.11) and paint it (1.29.11)
  • Get a massage (1.9.11)
  • Install shelves in the garage (1.22.11)
  • Begin a 37 Days Journal (1.19.11)
  • “Read” The Four-Hour Work Week (1.21.11)
  • Put $1,000 into savings buckets (1.22.11)
  • Complete weeks 1-4 in Alex Franzen’s awesome digital guide (1.31.11)
  • Write 20 Thank You cards—and send them (8 of 20 written + sent)
  • Get my bike pedal fixed (1.6.11)
  • Write a gratitude list (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)
  • Fill in 3 pages in my Wine Journal (1.23.11)
  • Watch 4 sunsets (2 of 4)
  • Watch 2 sunrises
    (Huh. Guess I’d rather sleep in. Good to know)
  • Open an IRA account (1/10/11)
  • Deep clean bedroom—under ev’r’thang (1/12/11)
  • Clean golf shoes (1/17/11)

I may add to these, I may subtract from these. I may complete every single item on this list and find I want more. I may get to some and realize I don’t care about doing it as much as I thought I did. Right now I don’t know the outcome. Right now all I’m certain of is my commitment to each and every item on this list.

What makes this list doable for me is the connection my heart has to each item. I’ve chosen only things that matter to me. Only things that are moving me forward. Only things that will make me feel good. What’s your motivation?

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Amanda Hite January.3.2011 at 8.43 pm

You’re list inspired me to add a few to my own. What an amazing list.

Julie Jordan Scott January.4.2011 at 12.00 am

I love this – – and I think I’ll join the fun…. maybe starting tomorrow…. (really I am not putting it off, I just want to take some time to tune in and discover if I want to join AND….)… I’ll take the 3.30 after rehearsal tonight to see if it matches up with me.

I love reading your list. You inspire me, always!

Dian Reid January.4.2011 at 12.05 am

I totally get that, Julie … I took a few days for me to tune in and discover if I wanted to join, too =) Looking forward to whatever you discover…no matter where they lead, they’re always inspiring to ME! ‘o)

Jan January.4.2011 at 4.53 am

Your list definitely inspires me…and I too am going to consider doing this…I’ve got a lot going on this January though so I need to check in to see if it feels like the right time this month or perhaps the next….but I am definitely going to play with this idea….I love the possibilities …And I am going to begin to create my list either way. Just doing that has interesting possibilities.

Angela January.4.2011 at 8.11 pm

You always share the coolest sites. I was trying to do something like this with my own January plan as opposed to a full-year resolution list. but this takes it to another level–I love the flexibility of this list, the mixture of work and play, the lack of “shoulds,” and the pure heart connection.

Dian Reid January.4.2011 at 8.27 pm

The flexibility was what sold me on moving forward with it, Angela. I’m becoming more and more conscious of what I put my time and effort into, and part of that is making sure projects resonate deeply before I jump in. I jumped into several really awesome projects/challenges in 2010 and fell flat with most of them because sounding cool isn’t the same as resonating =)

Kylie January.4.2011 at 10.28 pm

I love these! Especially the getting a massage one. Mmm. I also like that it’s just a month — so much more digestible than a full year or even an endless bucket list. Hugs to you and the family for the new year.

Anonymous January.6.2011 at 4.56 pm

I love this! I don’t know that I’m in for January but maybe I’ll do 28 for Feb. Nothing to lose and much to gain. Thanks for passing along the inspiration – again. Xoxox

Ms Anagoncalves January.7.2011 at 8.57 pm

Dear Dian,
That is wonderful that you have made a list that you are committed to fulfilling.
I wish you the very best in all the new experiences encountered in 2011, and beyond. 🙂

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