January Gratitude List: Part 3

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The air was a crisp 60-ish degrees and the sun glistened on the ocean’s surface, creating a low yellow fire road directly back to it. We lay a bright red and blue beach towel across the grass on the bluff and sit in silence as life goes on around us. A man throws a ball to a brownish orangish dog who fetches and returns it immediately. A child kicks a rubber ball past his brother and plays keep away while parents laugh with a watchful eye at a close-by picnic table. A couple cuddles 45 degrees behind us and I smile inside as they wrap their arms around each other in my peripheral vision. I scoot closer to the Wildcat, nuzzling my arm to her side and kiss her cheek. A soft whisper: Baby, I just love you. Was it her or me who just spoke?

I suppose it doesn’t matter.

The sun creeps deeper into the horizon and I snap one last photo, which turns out to be four or five, wanting to capture the last sliver of sunlight as it slips out of sight. I wonder if the sun thinks as highly of the earth as the earth thinks of the sun. I wonder if she thinks as highly of me as I think of her. I think we must.

A noticeable drop in temperature moves the Wildcat and I closer together as we gaze out to the changing colors of the sky. Are you having a good time? I ask. She smiles. Relaxed, she says with her eyes, Baby, I just love you.

I can think of nothing I’m more grateful for so far this year.

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Anonymous January.18.2011 at 7.18 pm

This post is gorgeous! Both the pictures and the beautiful sentiment. Love it! I can’t believe how beautiful it has been lately. We are so lucky to live in So Cal, right?

Dian Reid January.18.2011 at 9.07 pm

Thanks! And yes, we ARE lucky to live in So Cal =) Part of the reason I have “watching 4 sunsets” on my bucket list is to take full advantage living in this awe inspiring beautiful place.

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