January Gratitude List: Part 2

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As part of my January Bucket List I wanted to create a gratitude list. My purpose is to dig through the surface and get to what’s most important to me, and then truly offer gratitude, rather than simply say I’m grateful. First is sifting through the list of many things I’m grateful for. Next is naming my top 4 or 5 things and stating why Im grateful for each. And finally, I’m noting what I do (or will do) about it in this round of gratitude.


“The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.”

~ Buddha

I lay before me a pound of [gratitude] so that I might find the ounce worth measuring. In here I find puppies and love and technology and memories and each has her place in making up the parts of me that matter. Oh, all the parts of me matter, yes. Some are more active, more useful in my life right now, so these begin to stand out. A purplish-radiant glow separates the gratitude that must be honored right here, right now from the gratitude that will lie low in the sunlight, biding their time to bask in their own glory of my days.


  • Perseverance.
    • Not mine, but my father’s. He believed I was a good person for the whole of his life, even when I couldn’t be bothered to look for it. Even when he didn’t believe in my “choices,” he still found a way to believe in me. Which eventually led to accepting me. All of me.
  • My sexuality.
    • Without a deep understanding of my sexuality, I might miss that it’s a part of who I am and not the whole of my being. Without this understanding, I might think of myself as a lesbian first and a human being second. For this understanding and the growth that comes from it, I am eternally grateful.
  • Vegetables.
    • Over the last 2 months I’ve been über-conscious of everything I put into my body. I’m finding that when I make 70(ish)% of my diet vegetables (the kind that grow from the earth and don’t get watered down into juices or purées (before I get to ’em), I feel more alive. Idon’t know about you, but alive is really working for me.
  • Moleskine Square Journals.
    • Pen to paper fits me like water and seed and soil. Sometimes I need speed in getting out my thoughts, and sometimes I need space. These journals provide me space and time for the contemplation and mulling that must happen between the time a thought is formulated in my brain and it spilling out from my fingertips.


  • My father is no longer here for me to express my gratitude to, so the best way I can think of to do this is to put my heart and soul into writing and finishing 7 Days. This is a book about the last 7 days of his life and how I used my experiences with my mother’s death to make peace with my fears and his death, and ultimately let go.
  • I will honor my sexuality by helping others with theirs. Part of that is writing this Coming Out eBook I’ve been working so furiously on. I’m beginning to see that it’s a much deeper and bigger project than simply putting together some links and suggestions for people who are coming out. It’s about offering options and encouragement and resources and acceptance. It’s about coming to an understanding with our sexuality,creating a path on which to move forward, and honoring our whole being in the process. It’s about standing firm in who we’ve found ourselves to be in this present moment and not giving him/her up just because someone else’s beliefs differ from ours.
  • I have a tendency to find something I love and do it/love it/use it until I start seeing results, then toss it to the wayside because I’ve got my results, I don’t need it anymore! Flawed thinking doesn’t seem flawed until I say it “out loud”. The benefit I get from my daily dose of veggies is here to stay. At least until I make a conscious decision to decrease my dose. (We get ours from Beachgreens.com and they come every 2 weeks—organic fruits/veggies from local farms. Yahoozie.)
  • I currently have 3 of these journals going, and will venture outdoors to get at least one more today (for my 37 Days Journal). I use one for coaching sessions with my life coach—I do my homework much more consistently since I’ve been using it. I use one for Awesome and Sucky Ideas, which allows me to put any idea I have down without feeling like it has to be the greatest idea in the world—although it could be! And I use one for taking notes on things like the Fire Starter Sessions and the Self Promotion Digital Toolbox and The Four Hour Body. This helps me remember what’s important by writing it down and having it all in one easy to find place. All of which keep me in gratitude.

This is Part 2 of My January Gratitude List. Part 1 is here if you’d like to check it out.

*I only link to stuff I’ve used and DIG. Links to the Fire Starter Sessions and The Four Hour Body are affiliate links. Your choice to purchase, but if you do, I get a few pennies, so thanks!

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