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January 2011

A Social Guide to Coming Out: An eBook for All Stages of Busting Out of Your LGBTQ Closet

Embedded below is the sneak peek of A Social Guide to Coming Out: An eBook for All Stages of Busting Out of your LGBTQ Closet. Inside you’ll find valuable social resources for taking your first steps out of the proverbial closet. Keep in mind, this is just a snippit, so you can enjoy it while looking […]

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No Queer Left Behind

Last night while having sushi with a couple of uber rad minds (Alex Franzen and Nailah Blades), I mentioned that I’m struggling with finding meaningful, articulate resources for the BTQ portion of my LGBTQ community. Basically, I’m an “L” and consort mostly with the LG portion of the community, and have minimal conscious contact with […]

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January Gratitude List: Part 3

The air was a crisp 60-ish degrees and the sun glistened on the ocean’s surface, creating a low yellow fire road directly back to it. We lay a bright red and blue beach towel across the grass on the bluff and sit in silence as life goes on around us. A man throws a ball […]

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Anxiety Stirred Useful

Failure is what leads us to success.

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January Gratitude List: Part 2

I lay before me a pound of gratitude so that I might find the ounce worth measuring.

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The Kick Inside (or January Gratitude List)

In 2009 I was challenged to create gratitude lists each day leading up to Thanksgiving Day, starting November 11th. Each morning I sat and contemplated what I was grateful for, and voila, the lists were born. I ended up creating 14 lists, each of them 39 strong. Livin’ with my eyes closed, goin’ day to […]

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