Reverb 10: Movement.

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The single word that describes 2010 for me? So many to choose from. Growth. Self-Evidence. Authenticity. Uncluttered. Committed. Change. Written. Listen. Silence. Quest. Thrive. Shift. Extraction. Awareness. Mindfulness. Inspiration. Exploration. And then as I type, one keeps coming to me, as if from within. The word that most effectively describes how all of those words above come together in this year of …


Some movements were forward, some backward, and some side-to-side on a windy road that, at times, seemed to be going nowhere. This is life, I’m continuing to find. Time keeps moving forward, of course, and life … life keeps moving forward and backward and side-to-side, sometimes all at the same time.

This past year I’ve simply moved with all that’s gone on in my life and shifted through creating awareness, being mindful, and taking inspired action from what I’ve learned. It’s a cycle I don’t anticipate stopping for the rest of my life. For me, movement seems to encapsulate all the growth and authenticity and change and listening and uncluttering and inspiration that’s weaved itself in and out of my life.

As I think about the word I’d like to capture the essence of 2011, momentum comes to mind.


A body in motion stays in motion.

~ Paraphrased from Newton’s Laws of Motion

My goal for 2011 is to take this movement from 2010 and allow the momentum to continue, to carry me forward (or backward or side-to-side, from time to time). I want to continue to grow in what I’ve learned so far, and continue to be open to learning whatever is ahead of me in the year to come.

It’ll be interesting to focus on momentum, and use the ebbs and flows to maneuver myself through this next year. Goals will come and go. Ideas will come and go. People will come and go. Money will come and go. Choosing how to use the momentum of each coming and going will be, I believe, one of the keys to a very successful 2011.

How about you? What’s your word? How will you choose which momentum to ebb and flow with?

This post is written as Day 1 of Reverb 10, inspired and created by Gwen Bell (Best of ’09) and her rockingly awesome cohorts. Are you reverbing too? Feel free to share yourself in the comments below!

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whollyjeanne December.4.2010 at 3.18 am

2 very good words, my friend. love the way you describe momentum – not linear but with ebbs and flows, just like life.

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