Reverb 10: Let Go.

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Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

~ Alice Bradley

Most recently I let go of finishing—AKA: winningNaNoWriMo. I got more than 26,000 words in and stopped. My ego would tell me that I failed. That I lost. That I couldn’t hack it and am not a real writer. That I have no discipline and never finish anything I start. That I must have nothing of value to write, otherwise 24,000 more words would have found themselves spewing from my fingers. It’s a good thing I’ve also learned to let go of my Ego.

Come to think of it, letting go of the Ego is a process I find myself in on a daily basis.


Let go.

I learned this year how to do the Savasana pose. Lying on my back, body in as perfect symmetry as it will go, I collapse everything. Arms, hands, legs, feet, head, core, heart, soul, breath. The only thing to do in this pose is breathe. Breathe, and let everything else go.

One of my favorite encounters with this pose this year was not my own. In reading about Julie Jordan Scott’s recounting of her experience, I understood that this pose is not supposed to being anything but a personal experience in letting go. You don’t even have to know what you want to let go of. It’s just about breathing and releasing. Breathe, release. Breathe. Release.

I find that when I’m focused on breathing and/or the present moment, the Ego has no space to share her opinion of what’s happening around me. Imagine that.

What’s next?

Conscious choice. Letting go is good. Being conscious of what I allow into my world is a step further. I don’t want to continue to shed the excess in my life when I can simply keep those things at bay with conscious choice. This is imperative for my growth in 2011.

I must let go of any preconceived notions of the details of my growth, and simply allow it to happen organically. I must say yes to this organic growth and be steadfast in my abstention of negative thinking. I must be both disciplined and flexible; one will not do without the other.

In 2011 my goal for letting go is to simply be. Be me. Not my Ego. Not my breath. Not my career. Not my expectations (or anyone else’s). Just me.

I will focus on growth and the present moment, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

What about you?

This post is written as Day 5 of Reverb 10, inspired and created by Gwen Bell (Best of ’09) and her rockingly awesome cohorts. Are you reverbing too? I’d love for you to share yourself in the comments below.

  • Anonymous

    Dian, you know this resonates with me. I stop myself daily (hourly?) to ask if I am acting on ego or on my Self. So often it’s ego, and then there’s that ripping sound and I let go of whatever I want so badly to have or achieve. Thanks for this post.

    • Oh that’s such a great audio/visual, Angela! I’ll picture/hear the sound of ripping paper as I tear my ego away from my ear in my present moments, moving forward =)

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  • Ahhhhhhh, yes! Big YES! Big FAT YES! Thank you for the reminder!!

    • You’re welcome, m’dear =) I’m headed over to your space to read … got my tea ready for sipping & staying a while, too ‘o)

  • Dian,
    “It’s a good thing I’ve also learned to let go of my Ego.” Can’t help but smile! Love this organic growth! Let nature do what it knows best.. Love!

  • Wonderful post! I love hearing what yoga does for people. It’s such an amazing practice, isn’t it?

    • I’ve dabbled in yoga for a few years now, and the past couple of months have really settled into understanding that yoga cleans up the connection between my body, my soul and the Universe. It’s a beautiful thing!

  • Letting go freakin rocks. Cos letting go isn’t giving up, letting go is letting up and letting in 🙂 Love the post Dian! xoxo Tia #reverb10

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