Thrivin’ Tuesday: Go Vote. Right Now!

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I’m writing this on Monday night, with the expectation that I won’t have time to write this in the morning because I’ll be voting. Yep, exercising my American right to vote. Something women couldn’t do prior to 1920, the year my grandmother was born.

I believe voting is a part of thriving. If you want something to change, you can sit around and bitch about it until someone else does something about it, or you can take it into your own hands and do something about it yourself.

I’m for doing something about it myself. There are many who feel that their vote is just one, and will get lost in the votes of the masses. What does it matter if my one vote doesn’t get counted? or It’s not like my vote counts for anything, anyway, it’s just one vote.

But my one voted counted with the millions of other one votes counts for millions of votes. And votes are our voice. We must use our voices. Our precious, heart-filled voices. The voices that know what we go through and know what we want. We must allow our voices to be heard.

So on this Thrivin’ Tuesday, I wish for you and your voice (and your vote) to be heard.

At one level you’re condemned to the voice you have. But within those confines, you have a certain amount of freedom to range among your possible voices.

David Guterson

What are your possible voices?

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