NaNoWriMo: Weekly Wrap-Up

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It’s been a week of writing over at NaNoWriMo, and I’ve compiled 14, 286 words over 10+ hours of actual writing. As will happen when trying new things, I stumbled in my first week and had to quickly figure out how I would adapt, lest I end week 1 with just the 1945 words I’d proudly begun the week with. So I set up a structure, and it went something like this: NaNoWriMo Rules of Engagement, 2010. Most of the rules include something about allowing myself to create shit. The rest of it is really about having fun. I even created a little audio/visual to listen to/watch for when reading my rules of engagement just aren’t enough. If you do happen to check out the actual rules, feel free to steal or adapt any or all of them for your own benefit/pleasure.

The rules are great. They’re really helping me get my groove on while I write. I believe most of that has to do with the last rule , though: Dance like a 5-year-old for 2 minutes before sitting down to write.

I believe in the importance of mixing it up, shaking it up, and letting it all hang out … whatever and wherever it may be. And because I also believe that sharing is caring, I’m sharing with you today (and every Monday through the rest of NaNo) my write-dance-ology playlist, should you choose to use it as inspiration of your own. I have to warn you, though … 2 minutes is longer than you think, especially when you’re dancing like a 5-year-old.

Drumroll, please …. (Being that I didn’t start this until day 3, you’ll understand why days 1 & 2 are appropriately missing)


The first day of dancing I found myself checking the timer every 15 seconds, thinking for sure I was half way through, or just a few seconds from finishing. By the third day of dancing, though, I found myself looking for longer songs, just so I could get really warmed up. So I’ve made a conscious decision to keep the dancing to 5 minutes or under to prevent myself from procrastination by way of motivation. (I totally saw that coming, sneaky gremlin in my head, and I’m onto you…I’m finishing this novel, come hell or high water—and by November 25th. UUH.)

Any suggestions for my week-o-dancing to come? Or maybe even what music you‘re using as motivation/inspiration these days. Come on, spill it! Remember … sharing is caring …

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Alana November.9.2010 at 4.08 pm

Love It. Keep dancing my friend!

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