NaNoWriMo: Weekly Wrap-Up

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This week in NaNo has been challenging, as was the first week. I gave myself one day off, which turned into two, which tried to turn itself into three, but I wouldn’t let that happen. As I continue to push forward with this writing, as well as a project on my health, it’s clear to me that what I’m meant to focus this month is discipline. Ugh, discipline!, right? But not this time …

Sometimes I feel like discipline is a four-letter word. Sometimes it is. If I let it be. As I work at being disciplined about writing, I’m also working at being disciplined about having fun while writing. I’m working at being disciplined about growing as a writer. And working at being disciplined in engaging my inner child, in everything I do.

My inner child, when I allow her to be curious, is not afraid to try new things. She’s not afraid to grow. She doesn’t like doing the same thing over and over again, but she loves being creative about changing up the same things so they’re new and fun and different.

So even though I’m dancing before writing every time I write, it’s a new song, so I can feel the different energy and see what’s there to pull from to use in my writing. Even though when I write, I’m using the same tools (laptop, couch, desk), I’m allowing new energy to flow through me, my mind, my body, my fingers. Even though much of what I’m focusing on is the same, I’m allowing my inner child to be creative and grow, while still maintaining my core agenda: hit 50,000 words.

I’m also teaching myself through action that discipline, the way I want to use it, doesn’t have to be grueling. I can still grow and stretch and learn, while having fun and being creative and feeling playful and curious. In my discipline, the only rule is to keep writing. The rest, will come together as it may.

If you’re doing Nano, I hope your writing is going well, that you’re having fun with it, and that you’re staying focused on what’s important to you, and not just putting words on a page. (Unless of course, that’s what’s important to you)

As for the dancing, here’s my musical inspiration for the past week:

What’s your inspiration?

If you’re confused about this list, check last week’s update here. If you just miss my Rules for NaNo 2010, watch them here.

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November.15.2010 at 8.40 pm


Kathyloh November.16.2010 at 4.10 am

Hi Dian – heard a beautiful way of thinking about discipline the other day. Instead of thinking discipline is the effort we put into sticking to or staying with something, think of it as keeping the baggage off of your project.

Love how you follow the energy flow –

Takes courage to write.

Dian Reid November.17.2010 at 12.48 am

I like that. I like to believe that baggage belongs in the overhead compartment or securely checked. Especially when I’m writing. It’s also helpful to be fully aware of what I’m packing, rather than taking everything I have just in case I need it. So this discipline is kind of like stowing my carry-on baggage for my “flight” of writing =). Thanks for the analogy!

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