NaNoWriMo. I’m In. And Out (of some other things).

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As part of my project to meaningfully unclutter and get back to the things that and people who matter to me, I’m diving head first into National Novel Writing Month. I’m making time for writing and blogging, but only the stuff that can’t wait to get out of me. I’m making time for friends and bloggers, but only the ones that I neeeeeed to read. I’m making time for eating well and working out (the Wildcat and I are taking on P90X starting this Friday), but keeping realistic goals in the process. And I’m making time for feeling good. No buts about that.

So now you know what I’m making time for. Here’s what I’m cutting out:

  • I’m through with streaks for the sake of streaks. (Sorry, you’ll be seeing less green X’s from me from now on—and you’ll like it!)
  • I’m through with following you because you’ve followed me. It’s not you, it’s me. You’re great, I promise. I just need some space right now … but we can still be friends, right?
  • I’m through reading War & Peace because it’s a classic and I should suffer just like anyone else who had to stomach the beginning to get to the good parts (there are good parts, right? I mean, for your sake … I’m through, remember?) I have other things I’d like to get to that don’t involve wondering, Why am I reading this again??
  • I’m through with weighing myself every day before I get in the shower, just to make sure I haven’t gone over my “red flag” weight. It’s time to stop trying not to gain weight, and start being healthy. Maybe P90X is overdoing it a bit, but it’s forward action and I’m okay with that.
  • I’m through being overwhelmed by all the Shiny Pennies I keep lying around the house and in my brain. Some of you are awesome, and some of you are distracting. Time to see each of you for what you are, rather than being overwhelmed by all of you at once.
  • I’m through with going to bed thinking, I should’ve gotten more done today! It’s not about getting more done, it’s about letting go of the guilt. Okay, maybe it’s a little about getting more done. Plus, guilt is for suckers.


As for NaNoWriMo, if you’re going through the madness, yourself, I’d love to buddy up with you. The more the merrier. The project I’ll be working on is a woman contemplating suicide over being gay, her process and what drives her to her final decision. Kind of dark, but I feel like it’s a necessary topic to explore right now. Who knows where it’ll lead, but sharing it with you here is part of the kick off, and I’m excited.


As for the uncluttering, I believe I’m going about this in the right way for me. I don’t want to purge just to purge. I want to let go of things, and do so with purpose. I also want to address the issues as I work through each article I’m letting go of.

Like the Communicatrix, I have a habit of getting caught up in the Shiny-Penny-ness of things, which leads me to tons of great ideas and half-launched and fully-abandoned projects. It’s not that I want to shy away from the Shiny Pennies. I love them, and they’re important. What I want is to give myself the space to see the Shiny Pennies for what they are, and make conscious decisions on how to move forward, rather than just moving forward because They’re so Shiny! and not giving the best Pennies the attention they deserve.

I’m evolving …

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  • Marthe

    I’m doing this novel madness too, and I’d love to be writing buddy with you!

    As for the shining pennies, I can totally relate to what you say here. Which is why I’m going to finish this novel NO MATTER WHAT. I need to finish something. I need self-discipline when it comes to what I really want to achieve.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your novel progress! 🙂

    • Love love LOVE your attitude, Marthe! We’re in this together … ALL of us Nano’s =)

  • I’m super excited for your grand new adventure, and really look forward to your feedback about your experience with NaNoPoMo. I’m doing the NaBloPoMo this month, but I have a book idea that’s percolating so I’m curious to see what your experience will be.

    Congrats on the decluttering part too! There is so much freedom is just letting go. I needed that reminder today. Gracias!


    • So far it’s been fun, a patience tester, and really frustrating. And I haven’t started Day 4’s writing. But I DID cook up some rules of engagement you might find useful for when you start your NaBlo or Po or Mo (ha, whatever the dang acronyms are!) … Feel free to use/tweak any/all for your writing pleasure =)

  • Ms Anagoncalves

    Dear Dian,
    I just found out that you are doing NaNoWriMo through one of your tweets on Twitter, and I am so very happy for you that you have hit the 10K run. 🙂 (TruAnaGoncalves on Twitter)
    I am also participating and I have just added you as a friend. (smoothestlady-just so you know this is me)
    I started writing this novel as a memoir and now it has developed into a self help/spiritual book. It’s interesting as recently have been keen in writing just that, and it’s actually happening now. 🙂
    I wish you the very best on your NaNo journey and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences with it. Currently following you on Twitter, so will keep an eye out for those tweets.
    Much love and light out to you ~ Ana

  • Thank you Ana! Isn’t it amazing what happens when we just sit down with some focused time to write? What I love about the whole process is the evolution of the writing. I have no idea what the translation will be from mind to paper (screen), but I’m finding myself getting more and more intrigued by every word that comes out of my fingertips.
    Sounds like a wonderful & meaningful project you’re working on, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your evolution, as well!!

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