Thrivin’ Tuesday: Open Skies

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Our task is to say a holy yes to the real things of our life.

~ Natalie Goldberg

I found this quote in Patti Digh’s Life is a Verb, which I’m moving through slowly, at my own perfect pace (and am thoroughly in love with so far). It’s this quote I had in mind when I sat down to meditate this morning.

In my living room, a puppy on the couch, a Wildcat in the shower, and a couple of actual cats lazing about the house—perfect space for meditation. My focus this morning: an open heart. My music: Open Skies, from a Lifescapes CD I got for the purpose of meditating just after I quit my job in 2006. I listen to pieces of it nearly every day.

On the floor, legs crossed, eyes closed, I listened to the ocean waves and the ting of drums and electronic music meditating me into openness. Body calm; lungs, heart, and core in complete expansion. I heard animals shifting, then water cease movement through the pipes to the shower. I heard an electric toothbrush buzz. I heard a coffeemaker grind. I heard the click of animal paws on hardwood floors. I heard life.

In the past I might have been upset with the Wildcat for disturbing my peace with her toothbrushing and coffeemaking. But not today. Today, I embrace life. Today, I say a holy YES! to the real things of life, which are our daily routines that bring us joy, that take care of us, that make up the whole of who we are.

On this Thrivin’ Tuesday I am open to life in all its forms. Life is not good, it is not bad. It just is. And for me, that’s good.

How about you?

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    Beautiful! Thanks!!

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