Thrivin’ Tuesday: Intention

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My head is in two places right now. In one place, my head and I are setting an intention to feel good [to thrive, one might say]. In another place, I long to move through Patti Digh’s Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. So as I sit here on this Thrivin’ Tuesday, I take a deep breath, focus on my intention to feel good, and open my eyes to all that’s possible in my day.

I intend to feel good.

~ Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention

I intend to feel good. What if this were my approach to everything? What if I opened up my refrigerator every morning intending to feel good? What if I got dressed in the morning intending to feel good? What if I drove to work in traffic in the rain intending to feel good? What if I went into a meeting I’ve often thought of as tired and tedious intending to feel good? What if I approached my entire day, week, month, year with the sole intention of feeling good? I must first approach this minute, I think.

There’s the cynical part of me that tells me it’s not possible. I mean, no one can feel good all the time, right? Not with that attitude! This cynical part of me wants to believe that feeling good all the time just isn’t in my nature. Of course, feeling good feels good, so it must be in my nature.

And then I think about Patti’s question:

What would I be doing today if I only had 37 days to live?

I have a hard time with this question to start because my mind, my ego wants to remind me that I certainly have more than 37 days to live. I believe my ego thrives in a state of panic, so I kindly, gently advise my mind, my ego that this is an exercise in awareness, in mindfulness, in taking inspired action. We are not going to panic, we are going to live.

So then, what if I had just 37 days to live, what would I be doing today? Would I travel? Would I talk to more people? Would I wake up earlier? Would I do more yoga? Would I write more? Would I love more? Would I live more? How would I change? How would I be different? What part of me would show up each day?

If I just approach today as though I only had 37 days to live, wouldn’t I do something different with my life? Or would I do the same things and just live out my life the same as I’ve been doing for the past 35 years. I don’t want to end up wishing I’d done more. I feel like there’s so much to sort through here …

I’m proposing to myself that I begin each day with a simple mantra. I want to feel good. Then allow myself to go from there. The joy of my life cannot be found sitting around, wishing for something else most days. The joy of my life is found in living it, found in connecting with others and having an impact on the lives of others. I feel like I’m about to hit something, I’m on to something but I’m right at the edge and keep getting distracted.

What I know is that I miss Julie Jordan Scott. I miss Square Peg Karen. I miss Lindsay Mead. I miss Julie Daley. I miss Mynde Mayfield. I miss Wholly Jeanne. I miss Angela Kelsey. My writing lovers, my pals, my confidantes. I am in love with the writing and the passion I feel when I read each of these women, and yet I am longing for them, their feeds sitting idle in my Google Reader. I must have more intention than having their feeds pushed to me; I must seek them out and truly intend for them to appear in and impact my life.

I intend to read. I intend to engage. I intend to contribute [to myself and others]. I am committed to these intentions. I am committed to being both inspired and inspiring. I am committed to my mojo. I am committed to me. And I am committed to this powerful intention to feel good.

This … this is a start. This is how I want to start my days from now on. Wish me love and light and power to my intentions …


emma October.19.2010 at 5.53 pm

Oh, chica, I so relate to this! All of it. The intentions are ALWAYS there for me. It’s that little wee step from intention into action that leaves me spinning in the dust. *sigh* Definitely wishing you love, light and power – in all things.

Dian Reid October.20.2010 at 3.33 pm

I think for me I’ve been somewhat on auto pilot lately … having that thought “oh, everything will be fine, because it always is” … it’s not that everything’s not fine, it’s that I’ve taken no steps to ensure [fine] is just around the bend. Sometimes it’s action, and sometimes it’s saying no … I’ve got to get better at saying no. Thank you for the love, light & power, my friend =)

Julie Daley October.19.2010 at 6.19 pm

Dear Dian,
How powerful your intentions are! I wasn’t going to spend any time this morning on reading blogs, as I am really trying to settle down and write. But, as Life would have it, I happened across your link on FB and felt compelled to read it (just yesterday I realized how much I have missed all my writing friends). And lo and behold, you write of the intention to connect with your writing pals…
Yes, here is to feeling good, regardless of what is happening in our lives. And for me, I must add to ‘be connected’. It is easy for me to go to a place of being alone. Sometimes I need solitude, but sometimes I fall into the alone place simply out of habit.
Sending you love and blessings, dear friend.

Dian Reid October.20.2010 at 3.30 pm

I think today I’ll spend some time exploring the difference between being “connected” and being “tethered”. Exploring what those connections mean and why they’re there. Exploring this tethered feeling I’m having these days and how to cut those ties or at least let out the rope to give me some more space. Thank you for your love & blessings =)

Juliejordanscott October.19.2010 at 6.39 pm

Ahhh, how I adore you, Dian. Your post is vibrant, love-filled and so you. I miss you, miss you, miss you, too.. and my writing door is always open, ready for you to step through it! Thrivin’ your way onto the page….

Dian Reid October.20.2010 at 3.25 pm

You, especially, Julie, have been on my mind. I must make space for my writing (which leads to the connecting I’m so starved for), and you are one of my favorite facilitators in this capacity … I will check in with you soon, my dear =)

whollyjeanne October.19.2010 at 11.31 pm

i think there’s something in the ethers cause i have been feeling the exact same way – especially the part about missing our community. and well, i think we need to have a reunion. it’ll come as no surprise to you to hear that i’m The One In The Family To Schedule, Plan, and Host reunions, and i already have some ideas about this. the good news is: i don’t have to clean my house for this reunion!

i have missed you, too. i just don’t get out as much any more. thank you for this post, for articulating what i’ve been feeling and stewing about lately.

Dian Reid October.20.2010 at 3.23 pm

i think a reunion is a FABulous idea, my friend. i can’t wait to hear what ideas are stewing in your beautiful brain filled with souther hospitality =)

angela October.20.2010 at 5.45 pm

I love a lot of things about this post, Dian, not least being included in your awesome list. The community you describe nurtures, heals, inspires, prods, and is available whenever we are ready to partake of it. If I had 37 days left, rounding everyone up would be high on my to-do list. So as soon as Jeanne has it planned, I’ll be buying my plane ticket–unless she decides to hold it in Miami, which is pretty nice in February . . . . xoxo

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