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October 2010

Who Do You Need To Be?

Last night I had a mini-epiphany. At least it seemed that way at 12:20AM after working on a project I’m absolutely in love with right now:

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The Dark Side of Minimalism, the Upside of Weakness, and the Value of Support

There’s something I’ve been thinking about lately (and I’m not the only one). I’ve been decluttering and decluttering and decluttering some more. For the past year, I’d say. It’s not every day I toss something into the trash or give it away or simply don’t buy it. But now I’m thinking about my behavior when […]

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Thrivin’ Tuesday: Open Skies

Our task is to say a holy yes to the real things of our life. ~ Natalie Goldberg I found this quote in Patti Digh’s Life is a Verb, which I’m moving through slowly, at my own perfect pace (and am thoroughly in love with so far). It’s this quote I had in mind when […]

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Revisiting My Coming Out Story

I posted my coming out story last year, and thought I’d revisit it again today in light of the meanderings in my head of what it means to come out of the closet. Sometimes it seems like it was so long ago, it might as well be someone else’s story. And then as I read, […]

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Thrivin’ Tuesday: Intention

My head is in two places right now. In one place, my head and I are setting an intention to feel good [to thrive, one might say]. In another place, I long to move through Patti Digh’s Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. So as I sit […]

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Thrivin’ Tuesday: Love. Crazy Love. [Podcast]

It’s not about what I really want to say; it’s about tapping into your own source and allowing her to reveal your truth of what must be told.

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