Thrivin’ Tuesdays – Sunday Edition [Podcast]

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I went to the beach yesterday morning because Tuesdays just don’t seem to be enough for me. My recorder cut out on me a few times, so I’ll have to make some adjustments for future recordings, but look for Thrivin’ Tuesdays to come to you on many more days of the week, my friends.

Below I’m sharing with you a podcast where I sit on the beach and talk about centering the self by way of being conscious about what we take in and what we release. It’s a little more than 6 minutes, and you’re welcome to download it for your listening pleasure wherever you go.

Thrivin’ Theme: Conscious Choice
Length: 6:13 (m:s)



p.s. I’d love your feedback on this podcast as I move toward making  a weekly dealio of it … please share your thoughts in the comments below, my awesome peeps!

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Juliejordanscott September.13.2010 at 7.14 pm

Oh, Dian – I loved, loved, loved this!! So grateful I clicked through and listened!!

Dian Reid September.13.2010 at 2.35 pm

Oh, I’m so grateful, too, Julie! Glad you enjoyed it & hope you’ll enjoy the rest to come =)

Dian Reid September.13.2010 at 10.11 pm

Oh, I’m so grateful, too, Julie! Glad you enjoyed it & hope you’ll enjoy the rest to come =)

Square-Peg Karen September.13.2010 at 9.59 pm

Dian, I can HEAR the water – ohmyword, I’m going to download this!
The timing is so incredible – I NEEDED this! SO glad “just Tuesday’s” didn’t seem to be enough for you!! (obviously I couldn’t wait til after the ball game to listen)

Dian Reid September.13.2010 at 10.13 pm

and there’ll be more where this came from, my dear =). I’m working on an eBook full of ’em! Look for at least one podcast a week (not necessarily on Tuesdays, hehehee) until the end of the year

Danirukin September.14.2010 at 10.42 am

Dear Dian, my furkids woke me up at this ungodly hour so I thought what better time to go get me some Thrivin’ Tuesday than at the PRE-crack of dawn! Loved listening to the ocean and to your calming voice. Getting sleepy now so back to bed:). Thanks!

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