Thrivin’ Tuesdays: Limiting Perceptions

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Tuesday mornings have become somewhat of a sanctuary for me. I’m falling in love with the process of getting ready for my time on the beach, being captivated by the crisp ocean air, and honoring my sense of self along the way.

Yesterday morning I held the beach almost to myself for a spell, save the jogger along the shoreline, and a man meditating on the rocks. I set my backpack down in the sand and set up for my Tuesday morning ritual.

  • Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Breathing exercise
  • Visualization
  • Quote + discussion
  • Visualization
  • Breathing exercise
  • Gratitude

Om Mani Padme Hum is a meditation I do before anyone else arrives, if anyone comes at all. Attendance has been low and non-existent from day one, and I don’t mind it at all. Maybe it’s too early for people, maybe it’s too much of a hassle to get feet moving from your living room to the sand, maybe it hasn’t reached my right people just yet. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful. More on that in a minute.

The breathing exercise is simple. Breathe in, breathe out. Fill your lungs completely, empty your lungs completely. Repeat, repeat, repeat. This calms the body, the mind, and the spirit, and creates space for the visualization.

The visualization is an on-the-fly grouping of words and images created from the space I feel around me. Often it’s about inviting the energy of the ocean to infuse itself with our being. The imagery is short and powerful, and brings your being into a collaborative space with the Universe. Which leads right into the quote.

I sifted through a long list of quotes I’ve gathered in the recent weeks and months, and settled upon one that spoke to me. I felt like it literally said, “You need me today,” and so it was done. I wrote it down and shuffled myself out the door and onward toward my beach.

“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.”

~ Virginia Satir

As I walked to the beach I wondered how it would come to use throughout my day (it always does), and immediately an opportunity presented itself.

The Wildcat and I were walking our dog, the plan being that I’d split off onto the beach and they’d circle around back home so she could finish getting ready for work. We had plans to drive to her office together, as I had business in the same city yesterday, and we’d be leaving at 8:45AM. I mentioned that I didn’t realize how much longer it takes to walk to this part of the beach,versus the usual 3-minute bike-ride I take. The Wildcat immediately expressed concern about whether or not I’d have enough time to be ready to leave by 8:45.

My throat tensed, my heart raced, my body and lungs tightened. Why would you think I’d be so irresponsible?! I thought and almost said. Accusatory. Red Flag. Instead, I said: “I’ll be mindful of the time and make sure I’m ready, love.” My throat softened, my heart resumed a calm pace, my body loosened, accusations fled the scene.

I continued on to my Thrivin’ Tuesday beach spot, and pondered the quote, pondered its effect on me, and then the various meanings we can apply to just about anything we choose.

The Wildcat doesn’t think I’m irresponsible; I know this. Her perception of me wasn’t necessarily of me, but limited by her own agenda: being on time. How often do we mistake someone’s intention as they express to us their concerns, their needs? How often do we judge ourselves based on applying someone else’s concerns or needs on our own values? How often do we fail to listen, and jump immediately to a conclusion? For me the answer is: more often than I care to admit. I’m working on it.

I reflected on all of this after I spoke my thoughts into my little voice recorder. Planted on my Thrivin’ Tuesdays hand towel, I closed my session with a visualization about centering the self and allowing this peace and strength to be with me wherever I went this week. I breathed in and breathed out, conscious of what I wanted to take in and what I wanted to release. And then I sat still, in a moment of gratitude.

I created Thrivin’ Tuesdays with the idea of bringing together like-minded women who wanted to get their thrive on. What it’s turned into is a space for me to get my thrive on. For that, I am grateful. I’m grateful for the space I create for myself, and for being able to share it here with you, who aren’t there to share it with me every Tuesday morning. And I’m grateful for the thought process that’s led me to creating a weekly podcast (the first installment is here—details on how to subscribe directly are coming soon), which allows me to connect with each and every one of you on your time, not mine. Which makes me grateful for the internet, technology, and you.


There are a number of different directions I could have gone with this quote, which means I might have missed where it hit for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Do you limit yourself based on others’ perceptions?
  • Do you misread someone’s intentions because you jump to conclusions?
  • How have you allowed others’ limited perceptions to define you?
  • What do you do when you catch yourself?


Kylie September.16.2010 at 1.18 pm

I recently got to go to the beach in New Jersey, and the beach in the morning is so wonderful. It’s incredibly calming. I absolutely have the tendency to jump to conclusions, misreading people’s intentions. I sometimes find myself reacting defensively and then later finding out it was completely unnecessary. Something to be aware of, and then to work on. Glad you have such a lovely Tuesday morning ritual.

Dian Reid September.16.2010 at 4.22 pm

It’s really been a gift to myself, which makes it both difficult to accept (gifts are nice, but do I really deserve them??) and so rewarding (hell, yeah, I deserve this!) to receive.

Great to see your smiling face pop up in my blog comments =)

Nemecc November.19.2010 at 2.45 am

Dude, if you did it at 5:30a.m., I would be there…cn

Dian Reid November.19.2010 at 5.09 pm

Let’s plan it, my friend. I haven’t been in a bit and would love to share that space with you!

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