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September 2010

Creating Conscious Choice

And just as I got clear on how important the writing of 750 words is to me and my daily routine, I throw it out the window. On purpose. Why would I do that? I’ll tell you: Conscious Choice. 

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Thrivin’ Tuesdays: Looking For Answers [Podcast]

Today’s Thrivin’ Tuesday Podcast brings again the words of Alice Walker from her poem, Reassurance. [audio:] Breathing exercise focus: Filling your lungs, emptying your lungs. Feel it. Feel the air coming into your body, feel your breath leaving your lungs. Visualization focus: Hear the waves, feel your toes in the sand, be playful. Bring yourself […]

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Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off (Or How To Not Be “All-or-Nothing!”)

750 words. Sometimes more. Every day. For 110 days. 121,255 words. June 6 – Sept 23. And then, September 24th. 0 words. It feels silly that I was devastated over not writing a few words. And still, my mind is unchanged.

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Fight or Flight: Scaredy Cat

Last week while I was working on some projects, Jackson’s hair raised on his back and a tight growl emerged from his throat as he stood up and moved cautiously toward the front door. I followed to peek out to see what or who he was so intent on keeping away. When I spotted the […]

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Thrivin’ Tuesdays: Strength and Outside the Lines [Podcast]

This morning was cool and crisp. Seagulls and fish and strength were abundant. The quote of the day was from Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, a bit outside the lines from what you usually see here on Thrivin’ Tuesdays. Maybe that was a little bit of the theme of the day. Yes. And so it […]

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3 Minutes (Or Not) [Audio]

This afternoon I made some observations around being silent and what it means to me, and I decided to share those 2 minutes of thoughts with all of you. I’m basically giving myself (and you) permission (again) to be silent on our own terms. Don’t worry about conforming or fitting into what “they” think is […]

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