Thrivin’ Tuesdays: Perspective Hands In The Sand

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I notice the birds plunk into the water for breakfast. I notice the same joggers on the beach every Tuesday. I notice fishermen in kayaks with their poles in the water. I notice a brilliant sunrise. I notice a man and a woman riding bikes along the fishing rocks. I notice the coolness of the sand beneath my feet. I notice the softness of the sand on my fingertips. I notice my gratitude for all I’ve been blessed to notice this morning, and I close my eyes and say a short prayer that is just for me.

This morning I tried a little experiment. Actually, it came about last Tuesday, and I pondered it all week, and brought my camera this morning to capture what’s been in my mind.

First, the quote of the morning:

‎”Life … changes radically. Relationships shift. The things that give meaning are put into a new perspective. You wonder endlessly. You discover new fears. You try to sort out what is important from what is distracting.”

~ Thomas Moore, Dark Nights of the Soul

I asked this morning that you notice today what is distracting and what is important. For me, hands in the sand are both distracting and important.

I’d been thinking about pressure all week. And perspective. And my hands in the sand.

What I noticed today was that if I simply place my hand in the sand it makes a light impression. I can make my mark with with little pressure on or from myself.

I noticed I could also make my mark by putting pressure on just my fingertips. I can make my mark with outside pressure, and the aftermath seems to leave sand in my hands and a mess where I started.

I noticed that I could still make an impression if I only used pressure from my palm, which I equate to pressure from the inside out. The mark I make (and leave behind) seems to be deeper in some areas, more faint in others.

And finally, I notice that if I make movements with my whole hand—teeny, tiny micromovements—I can make a deeper, longer lasting impression. I can make my mark with almost no pressure at all.

It’s a matter of making conscious choices in my life and choosing exactly how I want to move forward.

The bottom line is that we all have a choice in which perspective to color our glasses with. As I ran my hands through the sand this morning I thought I was making a decision to take tiny steps forward to big growth. What I see now is that I was making a choice. I was seeing the difference between doing what I’ve always done and seeing what options lay before me.

Seems I may have been using “pressure” as a distraction and an excuse not to move forward. In creating awareness around that distraction, I can make a conscious decision on exactly how to move forward.


MrsWhich September.1.2010 at 1.58 am

I have nothing to say, other than thank you – this is the meditation I needed to take away from today. It fits with a conversation I had with a wise woman today and with my own sense of purpose.

Jennifer Prentice September.1.2010 at 2.02 am

Our own conscious decision on exactly how to move forward. I love that, Dian. It reminds me that we are not victims of our circumstances or the things that “happen” to us… well, we aren’t paralyzed by them, at least. WE make the conscious decision to stay or to move in whatever situation we might find ourselves in.

mynde mayfield September.1.2010 at 2.54 pm

easy does it, girl. what a great post with wonderful insights about “making our mark” with a graceful easy touch.

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