Thrivin’ Tuesday: Weaving Your Web

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My alarm went off silently at 5:15 this morning. I slept through it for 36 minutes, until the Wildcat’s sounded audibly. Recognition of the fact that it was her alarm and not mine shot me out of bed and burst tears from my eyes. I’m LATE!!

While in the shower I almost believed that the morning had been ruined. That I hadn’t prepared enough, that no one would show up, that Thrivin’ Tuesday would turn into Terrible Tuesday.

After getting hurriedly ready, I walked into the bathroom where the Wildcat had just finished drying her hair. With open arms I said to her, “Hug me.” She assured me that the morning would not be terrible, that it was simply not possible. I tried not to believe her, but her arms around me and the strength in her quiet voice had never lied to me before. I grabbed my beach bag of goodies and coffee tumbler, and headed out the door, onto my bike, ready to get my Thrive on.

As women arrived, their strength boosted mine. I felt strong enough to lead everyone in a short breathing exercise and meditation. Maybe I had prepared enough. I read the morning’s quote and felt energized by the web we had begun to weave.

This we know: All things are connected like the blood that unites us. We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

~ Chief Seattle

We have numerous webs in our lives: webs of family, webs of friends, webs of coworkers, webs of strangers, webs of solitude. A discussion ensued about how we choose to weave our webs, and what we choose to contribute to each.

Do you choose to be a pillar of strength in your web? Do you choose to honor your web? Do you choose to break it down with gossip or pettiness? Do you choose to see the good in your webs? Do you choose to focus on what will tear the web apart?

We all have a choice in how we choose to affect the webs we weave ourselves into each day. How will you allow your web—and by association, you—to thrive today?

This was the question posed to the group. We all had our different ways to contribute to our thrivation throughout the day, and to one woman, it means saying hello to whomever she passes throughout the day. A simple “hello” is an acknowledgment of existence, as if to say, I see you, today, and I’m smiling about it.

So I pose the question to you now:

How will you allow your web—and by association, you—to thrive today?

Today was the first of many Thrivin’ Tuesdays. The small group of women that gathered on the sand at the Long Beach shore were handed towels on which to sit, while still being able to dig their toes into the sand. Hugs were given for arriving, and energy was set to thriving. The Wildcat’s arms and quiet strength had been right: today is, after all, Thrivin’ Tuesday. I hope you’ll join us next week.


Not able to join us on the beach? Great! Allow yourself to join us on the phone for Thrivin’ Thursdays. Just sign up here for the call-in info and join us every Thursday at 3:00PM Pacific Time to Get Your Thrive On!

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