Thrivin’ Tuesday: Warm Up

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It’s not Monday anymore, folks, and for many of us, that’s a good thing. In the spirit of the upcoming first Thrivin’ Tuesday, let’s get our Thrive on this morning!

Here’s how Thrivin’ Tuesday works:

On Thrivin’ Tuesdays we start out with a short breathing exercise and move into a brief meditation of sorts. When the meditation is finished, we take whatever mind-frame that arises from the process and explore a quotation with it. We’ll then do another brief meditation and close with some deep breaths to lock in our Thrivation.

Are you ready?


Take a moment and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, making sure to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Calmly let it all out, making sure to completely empty your lungs. One more deep breath, and one more release.


Imagine you’re sitting on the beach. A cool beach morning, with the fog still hanging above you, like a blanket of protection from the rays of the sun, easing you into the day. Feel free to remove your shoes and your socks if you’re wearing any, and dig your toes into the sand.

Notice the feeling of sand playing between your toes. Feel the warmth of the earth on your feet, moving into your ankles, up through your calves, your knees, and your thighs. Feel the warmth of the earth bring life to your hips, your abdomen, your core, your chest, your breast. Feel the warmth of the earth rise through your lungs and your heart, and spread throughout your body. Feel the warmth of the earth permeate your soul, engage your mind, and infuse itself through your entire body, from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers to the top of your head.

The earth has pre-heated you—primed you—and now you’re ready to Thrive … do you feel it? Notice the sensation in your body right now. Just allow that sensation to be, to flow and to release itself from your being.


“The road to success is always under construction”

~ Lily Tomlin

As you continue to feel the warm sand in your toes, think about the road to success that you’re constructing right now. What stage of the process are you in right now? Do you have big machines tearing up the road or laying the foundation? Do you have concrete poured? Are there lines on the road? Are the lines white-dashed lines or double-yellow lines? Who are you building your road to success for?

What do you feel? What emotions are coming up for you?


Imagine a small ball of light at the center of your being. This ball of light represents the love you have in your heart. It’s growing brighter and brighter until it’s almost white. It’s growing bigger and bigger until it’s bigger than your body. The love you have in your heart is bigger than your body. Imagine this ball of light spreading out to the person next to you. And to the person next to them. And to the person down the street. Into the next city. The next state, and all across the country. Imagine the ball of light that’s all the love in your heart spreading out across the ocean and touching people you’ve never met before. And now release that ball of light, knowing that as you sit here on the beach you will always have access to the ball of light that is the love in your heart.

As you go about constructing your road to whatever your success is, carry this ball of love and light with you.


Take a slow, calm, deep breath. Breathe the strength of the ocean meeting the earth into your lungs. Trust that your lungs are dispersing that strength throughout your body. Release your breath naturally, and empty your lungs, making room for the next round of ocean/earth strength to breathe in.

Have yourself a Thrivin’ Tuesday (and Thursday)!

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