Thrivin’ Thursdays

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I created Authentic Realities with a vision to help you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. And it’s with that vision that I also created Thrivin’ Tuesdays and now, Thrivin’ Thursdays. Thrivin’ Tuesdays are great, but what if you’re 3,000 (or even just 50) miles from Long Beach, or your work schedule doesn’t allow for a morning frolic on the beach? Enter: Thrivin’ Thursdays.

If you’re an awesome woman who wants to Thrive on the energy of other awesome women, then this call is for you. If you’re excited about growth in your life and want someplace to share that excitement, this call is for you. If you’re on the verge of some major shifts in your life and want support around getting yourself going, this call is for you. Or if you just want a quick afternoon break from your day at the office or with the kids, then I’m pretty sure this call is for you.

Still not sure about it? Let me break it down for you:

  • Who: A group of like minded women who want to get their Thrive on (sounds like you, doesn’t it?)
  • What: 30-minute phone call to get groovin’ with your Thrivin’
  • Where: Wherever You Are (picture a sandy beach, sun shining…)
  • When: Every Thursday afternoon, 3-3:30PM Pacific Time
  • Why: Because women rock and we oughtta be Thrivin!
  • How: Simple. Sign up here and then…just call in!
  • How much: Nada. Your presence is enough. (For real, you’re kind of amazing)
  • What to bring: You. And maybe your sassy pants. Definitely your sassy pants.

And if you can’t make it this week, that’s cool. There are 52 Thursdays in the year, and it’s your choice on when to Thrive.

(Pssst….Don’t wait for the other 51 Thursdays, silly…Get the call-in info here to Get Your Thrive On now. And don’t forget those sassy pants!)

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