3 Minutes on A Plane

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I sit upright, almost forward. An odd position for sitting on a plane, at least when you’re not trying to see out the window. A sleeping woman to my left, a reading man to my right.

I have no idea whether it was 3 minutes or 1, or 27. Probably not 27, though; something in between.

What I noticed during my minutes of silence was that commenting is not the same as observing. When I’m silent, I tend to do a lot of commenting. This plane ride is bumpy. Was that man reading or were his eyes closed? Sitting upright feels odd on a plane. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be focusing here. Focusing on the silence.

I take a deep breath in and notice how it travels through my body. I feel the rise and fall of the plane as it cuts through the air and the clouds. I feel the seemingly weightless quality of the plane as it shifts up and down. I hear the static in the speaker as the flight attendant reminds us all to remain seated until the Captain has turned off the seat belt sign. I breathe out and notice the beating of my heart. It seems to be pounding. I do not question, I simply notice. I feel as though I am willing my heart to beat. I am aware of my lungs opening for air, taking it in and making the exchange from oxygen to what does it change into again?

I feel as though I’m breathing on purpose. I feel as though everything about my minutes is on purpose, which feels odd. Which makes me wonder how much of my life I really live on purpose.

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I feel compelled to open my eyes again and rejoin the plane of ups and downs, of readers and sleepers, of going through the motions. As a result of the minutes I’ve just spent, I am conscious of living on purpose. I do not want to just go through the motions. I want to live my life on purpose.

Now it’s time for me to walk my talk. And then I wonder, Is it really possible to walk our talk every day? Are some moments in life just meant to be blindly walked through?

Who knows? But for now I’m choosing to live on purpose. At least, today I am.

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