Weekly Wrap Up: Mindfulness

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This week the focus has been on Mindfulness. What Mindfulness have you engaged in this week?

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Mindfulness is engaging in what you know to be true about yourself. When you don’t know what’s true about yourself, ask: “What’s true for me?” Don’t just go with what you’ve always done; find out what’s true for you right here, right now in this very moment.

Maybe yesterday you believed [this job] was the right place for you. Still true today? Maybe last week you believed [this relationship] still had a chance. Still true this week? Maybe last year you believed you [wanted to travel the world]. Still true this year? What’s still true for you today? And are those the things you’re actively seeking out in your life?

Going back to creating Awareness for a moment, when you look at the actions of this past week, which actions have fed your soul? Which actions have numbed you? Which actions have led you towards your goals? Which have led you astray?

And then engaging in Mindfulness, you might ask yourself: What am I learning from my reflections? What do I know for certain, without a doubt about myself?

Know the difference between what you used to want and what you want in your life right now. It may have been the most important thing to you to [see new movies on opening night] when you were in your twenties, but things change. Priorities will naturally shift, and it’s important to recognize those shifts. It’s important to name those shifts and be conscious about what’s different between then and now.

Just because you don’t [keep up with the latest flicks] doesn’t mean they’re no longer important to you. Maybe more [movie-going] is exactly what’s missing in your life. Or maybe you thought you missed it, but really it’s more important for you to [be at home with your family] or[ pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams] or [insert your top priorities here]. You won’t know unless you dig in a little and ask yourself: What’s important to me right here, right now?

Next week we’ll be focusing on Taking Inspired Action. I’m going to kick it off early by asking you a couple of questions as you mosey into your weekend:

  • What does taking inspired action mean to you?
  • Where do you get your inspiration (or motivation)?
  • How do you know you’re taking inspired action and not just doing what’s “fun”?

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend of being you. Go create some Awareness, or maybe engage in Mindfulness, and get ready to take some Inspired Action!! And always … be Your Authentic You.

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