Weekly Wrap Up: Inspired Action

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This week the focus has been on taking Inspired Action. Have you  lived vicariously through yourself this week?

Taking Inspired Action is about creating Awareness, engaging in Mindfulness and seeing where it leads you. It stems from a deep knowing of who you are and where you stand. Rather than seeing that you’d like to make a change and jumping right into it, create Awareness around who you are on the outside, AKA who you show to everyone else. Engage in Mindfulness around who you are on the inside and the differences between who you show to others and who you really are (ahem—Your Authentic You).

Be mindful about what’s important to you and then take Inspired Action that will bridge the gap between what you allow people to see and Your Authentic You. Because the closer you can get to showing everyone on the outside, who you are on the inside, the less work it becomes to be yourself. How much energy do you expend on hiding the real you?

Maybe you expend a lot. maybe just a little. Whatever it is, it’s too much. And, yes, it’s scary, at first, to just be yourself. That’s okay. Listen to Pema Chödrön for a second:

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.

Don’t just run away from your fears because they scare you. Peel the layers away and see what’s really there. Understand the reality behind your fears, and then address those realities. If you fear losing your friends because [you’re gay], address that reality. Do you really want to be friends with people who don’t accept you for who you are? Can you really call those people friends? Dig deeper to find the root of your fear and grill it like it stole money from your grandmother. It may not be about your friends at all.

Sometimes we scratch the surface and it feels like we’ve been digging for miles. Keep digging. Roots run deep and will strangle you if you don’t expose your fears at their core. Fears are good at disguise—keep digging. If you allow your fears to guide you closer to who you really are and what’s important to you—rather than resisting your awesome core—then you can take truly Inspired Action. And truly Inspired Action is what gets you out of where ever you don’t want to be right now.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend of being you. Go create some Awareness, or maybe engage in Mindfulness, and allow each to lead you into some Inspired Action!! And always … Be Your Authentic You.

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