Taking Inspired Action

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Each week, for the last couple weeks, I’ve been focusing on one piece of this puzzle: Awareness + Mindfulness = inspired Action. This week is Inspired Action.

If you missed my recent tele-class on creating Awareness, engaging in Mindfulness and how they lead you into inspired Action, these posts are for you. Even if you didn’t miss it, you’ll want to catch this 3-part series, which recaps and drills down into the each aspect of the puzzle. In the first clip, you saw how powerful Awareness can be. In the second clip you saw how engaging in Mindfulness can be used to create the life you want for yourself. And in the clip below you’ll get a glimpse of how Awareness and Mindfulness naturally lead you into Inspired Action.

(Can’t see the embedded video or want to see a larger view? Just click here.)

If you missed any of the videos in the series, you can check them out here:

I’d like to leave you today with this poem by Neville Saylor to contemplate, as you think about what it means to take inspired action in your life:


Let me warm my thoughts
by the fires of enthusiasm;
My ideals need revarnishing
where base metal shows.
I would be swept
by the hurricane of passion,
For I could not die
a more horrible death
Than in complacency
Nor suffer more agony
then never to have lived.

~ Neville Saylor

Love & Light, all.

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