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You’ve probably seen the Dos Equis commercial about the most interesting man in the world. He lives vicariously through himself. “He once had an awkward moment just to see what it feels like.” Life is, of course, not really like that. We live. We feel. We love. We hide. We medicate. We push. We pull. We try. We make mistakes. We hold ourselves back. We have awkward moments. We learn. We move forward. We thrive. We lose our footing. We find ourselves in the same situations over and over and over again.

I asked you what “taking inspired action” means to you, and one of the responses shared with me went like this:

one deep breath. mix 1 part wisdom + 1 part intuition + 1 part emotion + 1 part courage + 1 part faith + 1 part balance. stir gently. allow to simmer. another deep breath. watch. wait patiently. listen intently. see what options bubble to the surface. use your gift of CHOICE. pick up one foot high in the air with both hands. l-e-a-p. and trust that the net will appear.

The Little Yogini That Could

Um…How Do I Do That?

Let’s work with this for a minute and break it down a bit. “One deep breath.” Always a good starting point.

“1 part wisdom + 1 part intuition + 1 part emotion + 1 part courage + 1 part faith + 1 part balance.” Are you ready?

The wisdom. This is your own. Where do you get it? Very simply, very quietly (and without judgment): look at what you know. Should you hear yourself say, “But I don’t know much of anything,” then it’s not your wisdom speaking. Listen closer … the voice you’re listening for might be faint now, but she’s waiting patiently for you to come in closer so you can really hear her.

The intuition. This comes from within. You were born with it, and now it’s time to use it. Don’t worry about understanding it yet, just practice using it. Your gut. Your wisdom is speaking to you. Listen up and see what it’s saying. Act on that intuition. And then learn from those actions. What worked? What didn’t?

The emotion. Emotions are your body telling you what’s happening on the inside. Listen to them. They’re working for you. This doesn’t mean you should fire them because they speak out of turn. It means they’re not the enemy. Listen to the emotion and look past the surface of the tears or the laughter. What’s underneath it all? What’s the emotion trying to tell you?

The courage. Courage is your ability to act in accordance with your beliefs, even in spite of (inner) criticism. Like emotions, intuition, and wisdom, courage comes from within. No one can give it to you because you already have it. Just like your body’s muscle tissues, your muscles of courage may be sore when used if you rarely use them. You may need to exercise them to get back into shape. Take your time, you can’t properly train for a marathon in 2 weeks.

The faith. Believing in yourself is a must, to take inspired action—even if it’s just a little. Faith isn’t about having the facts and figures to back up what you’re trying to accomplish. Faith is about…faith. It’s about seeing what’s possible, and trusting that your wisdom, intuition, and courage are leading you down your right path. You don’t need to know the outcome before it’s here. That’s called needing-to-know-what-happens-before-I-lift-a-finger, not faith.

The balance. Oh the trickiness of balance. We tend to focus on our desire to put equal weight and effort into all parts of our lives. This doesn’t work; we are not machines. We are humans. With emotions and marriages and children and jobs and grocery stores and cars and drivers and ambitions and fears and wants and needs. There is no single part of your life that gets exactly the energy and effort of another part. Use your intuition and faith to guide you on your path. Use your logic and compassion to talk yourself off the ledge when you feel yourself teetering. And practice standing on one leg every now and then, to work those muscles of balance in your soul.

What’s Next?

“stir gently. allow to simmer. another deep breath. watch. wait patiently. listen intently. see what options bubble to the surface. use your gift of CHOICE. pick up one foot high in the air with both hands. l-e-a-p. and trust that the net will appear.”

Stir gently. Don’t rush yourself. Don’t just go with the flow, go with your flow.

Allow to simmer. This is like letting a steak rest after you pull it off the grill. You want the juices to seep and the flavor to stick. This simmering allows what’s important to you to stick with you, and keeps the knee-jerk reactions at bay.

Another deep breath. Deep breaths keep you calm, cool and relaxed. Feel free to add as much of this ingredient as you like, to any piece of this recipe.

Watch. Create Awareness. See what happens as you move through your process of taking action. Taking action might be what comes at the end of the Awareness + Mindfulness + Action equation, but it is never the final result. The end is always the beginning of whatever is next for you.

Wait patiently. The Universe is always working for you. Just because you cannot see the roots growing beneath the surface, doesn’t mean they’re not growing.

Listen intently. This is about engaging in Mindfulness. Listen to what’s going on in your mind. Use compassion. Use courage. Trust. Your. Self.

See what options bubble to the surface. Remember, the Universe is always working for you. The outcome may not always be exactly as you envisioned, but if you have faith in growth beyond your wildest dreams, you will grow in more ways than you could ever have imagined.

Use your gift of CHOICE. Just because you set out on one path doesn’t mean you can’t change course. This is where listening to your intuition will help guide you in your next steps, whatever they may be.

Pick up one foot high in the air with both hands. Prepare for your journey. Participate in your journey. With both hands, both feet. One foot, one step at a time. Are you ready for what’s next?

L-E-A-P. That’s all there is to it. At some point, you’ve got to stop talking about what you want to do, and get out there and do it. Planning is great. Doing is living vicariously through yourself.

Trust that the net will appear. You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Anyone who tries to tell you differently is lying to you. You are the cat who always lands on her feet, even when you land on your back and you feel like it’s broken. Your net is your network. Your net is your people. Your net is you.

The concoction The Little Yogini That Could shared with us is what works for her. The interpretation and mapping out of it here is mine. Will it work for you? Maybe. Probably not. Sometimes. Absolutely.

Taking inspired action is a very personal thing. So, tell me … what works for you?

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Square-Peg Karen July.21.2010 at 3.03 pm

Love seeing a collaborative thingy here between you and Tina and the ideas you both had that…what word? morphed – blended – became??? whatever – grin — Love this!!

and the last bit: “Will it work for you? Maybe. Probably not. Sometimes. Absolutely.” – like Divine Humor, kinda grabbed my funny bone and shook – nothing like that for opening the mind and heart.

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