Awareness Before Mindfulness

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This week’s focus is on Mindfulness, which comes from first creating Awareness. How do you practice mindfulness? What awareness have you created so that you may engage fully in mindfulness?

Let’s say you’ve created awareness around your work, or maybe your work ethic of late.

You realize you’ve been avoiding work—real work, not just what they see you do. Really rebelling against it—allowing your body and mind to get in full agreement that work is stupid and not the boss of you. After all, you’re your own boss (of life), and if you don’t wanna work, then you’re not gonna.

And then you become aware that is was not your [30-something]-year-old self behaving, it’s your 15-year-old self. It’s that rebellious teenager who knows what’s right for her and adults need to realize that life should be more fun.

Your 15-year-old self wants to bask in a summer vacation that no longer exists. She wants to lounge around and frolic on the interweb and play in a field of dreams and wonderment of what she’ll be when she grows up.

And of course, your [30-something]-year-old self wants to let her. Enter awareness.

By creating awareness around what is—your behaviors, your actions, your self-talk—you’ll be able to engage in the mindfulness that the rebellion is the result of your 15-year old self feeling like she’s not getting enough playing time. And dig a little deeper, and you might see that she’s actually getting too much playing time. So much, that when it’s time for work, she rebels because it’s just not fun. She’s forgotten that work is fun because at 15, work is not fun. Work is work. But at 30-something, in your chosen profession, work is actually fun.

And of course, it’s still work and you have to get to it.

Maybe you’ve come to a place where you feel like work should be fun, and if it’s not then you shouldn’t be doing it. That approach works for some, not most. You need to find the fun in what you’re doing, not just do what’s fun. If you were going to just do what’s fun, you’d be broke and probably develop sun cancer playing golf and laying out in the sun reading books and sipping frozen beverages all day long.

Sure, you want to have fun. But you also want to live your purpose.

If you want to succeed, you've got to swing the bat. Photo by Brad Mangin (Baseball Stock Photography)

In order to get into a groove while working, you’ve got to actually work. You’ve got to lean into The Dip and get through it so it no longer feels like work. It’s like putting that weight on the end of a bat while preparing to step to the plate. When you take the weight off, the bat is so much easier to swing. Not because the bat got any lighter, but because you put in the work to swing it while it was heavy, and now you can get more out of your swing. But you don’t just put the weight on before your first at bat, you put the weight on before every at bat. You prepare every time. It’s the same in life.

It’s easy to get all wrapped up in your latest success, and think, “Okay, I’m going to ride that momentum.” But that momentum is gone. It ended when you didn’t start your next project. Maybe you took it on vacation, and it didn’t come back with you. The momentum of vacation came back with you. So if you want to create the momentum of great work and progress and writing and digging deeper into souls and excavating the beauty in what we see in ourselves [or whatever your Life’s Purpose is], then you’ll need to put the weight back on and get your swing back, by actually swinging the bat.

I know you can do it.

What’s been your experience with creating  Awareness and/or engaging in Mindfulness?

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