Announcing: Thrivin’ Tuesdays

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Do you ever want to just get together with an amazing group of women and see what awesomeness spurs from the collective awesomeness energy pool created? Me too! So starting August 17th, you can bring your awesomeness to the Thrivin’ Tuesdays Beach Circle in Long Beach.

What the heck is a Thrivin’ Tuesday??

(it’s a 30-minute, morning kick-start to your week—on Tuesdays, when you’re not so bummed about it being Monday anymore)

I know, I know … you wanna know more:

  • Who: A circle of like minded women who want to get their Thrive (AKA: “Hell Yeah!“) on
  • What: Meet-up circle on the beach to get said, “Hell Yeah!” thrivin’
  • Where: The Long Beach shore, base of Life Guard Hut #1 (by the fishing rocks at the end of Alamitos St.)
  • When: Every Tuesday morning, 7-7:30AM (beginning August 17th)
  • Why: Because women rock and we oughtta be thriving, don’t you think?
  • How: Simple. Sign up here or below for more details and to let me know you’re interested
  • How much: Nada. Although I won’t turn down a hug, if you really feel like giving…
  • What to bring: You. Something to sit on, if you don’t want your bum to get sandy. A cup o’ joe (or tea, or water) in case you get thirsty for something other than awesomeness

What else?

Nothing, really. Just sign up below and I’ll keep you in the loop on joining me to get your “Hell Yeah!” and Thrive on. There’s no commitment or contract to sign, just a willingness to check it out and see what happens. Go ahead … your email is dying to enter itself below …
(Can’t see the form below? Just click here)

Love & Light,

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July.22.2010 at 9.09 am


Tina July.22.2010 at 3.52 pm

I'm officially in tears as I am …… ummmmm ….. maybe 3,000 miles away from ANY lifeguard hut on the West Coast 🙁 Will be there EVERY TUESDAY in spirit. THIS ROCKS, Dian!

Dian Reid July.22.2010 at 9.42 am

You’ll for sure be here in spirit, I’ll keep my 3rd eye out for you =) Who knows, maybe you’ll be here on vacation soon and be able to stop by ‘o)

Heather Plett July.22.2010 at 5.17 pm

Wish I lived a little closer too! I'll be looking forward to hearing how this goes, though, as I have an inspiration to start something similar in my own community.

Tina July.22.2010 at 9.55 pm

Not sure where you are, Heather but………coincidentally (or not) same here! Mayyyyyybe……..once Dian officially kicks off her pilot program she will grant us the honor of heading up Thrivin Tuesday local chapters 😉 Tis alllllllll better than good!

mynde mayfield July.23.2010 at 1.46 am

omg this sounds so cool.! ugh… & honeybee starts school soon, i usually walk during this time. AND mornings are my peak creativity get-shit-done times. crap, are these excuses? i would do this, i would! but mornings… i.just.can't 🙁 whaaaaaaaa

good luck. i'll be looking to see how it goes.

Dian Reid July.23.2010 at 1.50 am

haha, no worries … rumor has it that “thrivin' thursdays” is also in the works, which will be an evening/sunset circle … i'll keep you posted!

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