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July 2010

Life as a Snapshot

Today I’m answering the question posed by TheMindfulist, who got the question from twasians: If you captured your life in snapshots, what would it look like? As usual, I didn’t just stop with answering the question.

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Tips on Dealing With Fear

“The key to change… is to let go of fear. ~ Roseanne Cash I couldn’t disagree more. There is so much focus on all we ought to let go of—fear, judgment (I even coach my own clients on that one), the past—and really what promotes change is focusing on what’s right here, right now. And […]

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Weekly Wrap Up: Inspired Action

… Dig deeper to find the root of your fear and grill it like it stole money from your grandmother. …

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Announcing: Thrivin’ Tuesdays

Do you ever want to just get together with an amazing group of women and see what awesomeness spurs from the collective awesomeness energy pool created? Me too! So starting August 17th, you can bring your awesomeness to the Thrivin’ Tuesdays Beach Circle in Long Beach. What the heck is a Thrivin’ Tuesday?? (it’s a […]

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Courage Unfolded

I slid my hand in my jeans pocket after stomping on a cigarette in the driveway as I walked to meet him on his way to the house from his truck. I knew he was on his way over, and I knew there was something big in the air. Even at 16, I had a […]

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Live Vicariously Through Yourself

You’ve probably seen the Dos Equis commercial about the most interesting man in the world. He lives vicariously through himself. “He once had an awkward moment just to see what it feels like.” Life is, of course, not really like that. We live. We feel. We medicate. We hide. We push. We pull. We make mistakes. We hold ourselves back. We have awkward moments. We learn. We move forward. We find ourselves in the same situations over and over and over again.

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