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I was on a Mastermind call this morning when a call beeped in. The caller ID showed up as [Annoying Magazine Telemarketer]. I did not answer the call. No message was left. An hour later when I was no longer on the phone, my phone rang again. Again, the caller ID showed up as [Annoying Magazine Telemarketer]. This time I answered.

It went something like this:

Me: Hello.
AMT: Hi, may I speak to [a butchered version of my first name]
Me: How can I help you?
AMT: Hi I’m calling about [Annoying Magazine]. Are you getting it okay?
Me: Yep.
AMT: And will you be renewing your subscription?
Me: Yep. (The magazine is only Annoying because they call about it, I actually like the magazine)
AMT: Well, would you like to take advantage of a special offer—
Me: Actually, what I’d like is for you to take me off of your call list. I work from home and really don’t appreciate the 10 calls per week I usually don’t answer from your company.
AMT: Oh, well that must be excruciating for you. I hope you’re going to be alright.
Me: Um…okay, so you’ll take me off the list?
AMT: I’ll do what I can to have your name removed from my list. It must be excruciating, the calls. I really hope you’re going to be alright.
Me: Okay thanks. [Smiles]
Dial tone.

As the conversation unfolded, my main focus was to get this man to state that he would have my phone number removed from the calling list. It was only after the call that I realized this man may have been trying to take a dig at me with his “must be excruciating for you…hope you’re going to be alright” remarks. While I was on the call, I thought, wow, how attentive…seems a little odd that he’d be so nice about it, but who cares about his motives?!

This conversation illustrates all the negativity in life we could be avoiding, if only we chose to side-step it.

Had my focus on the call not been getting the man to remove me from his list, it might have turned out differently. I was already irritated by the two calls on the previous day and the call earlier, which all interrupted calls I was on at the time. I could have taken that frustration into the call (as I’ve done before) and found a way to match the man’s sarcasm. But being irritated wasn’t my intention, and wasn’t my focus.

The Gremlins that sit on my shoulder and tell me all the shoulda-woulda-coulda’s would have me believe that I’m not smart enough to pick up on the man’s cynicism.  Would have be believe that the man is now laughing with all his Annoying magazine Telemarketing friends about how stupid I am. Would have me believe that I’m an exaggerator and that it really isn’t a big deal to have 4 telemarketing calls in 2 days—I mean, animals are swimming in oil in the Gulf, and I’m complaining about a couple of calls. My Gremlins have a way with words. But so do I, just ask my Ego.

The calls I receive in my home office are no comparison to anything else going on in the world, and one has nothing to do with the other. Don’t let your Gremlins [or an Annoying Magazine Telemarketer] tell you otherwise. Period.

I know that getting sucked into another person’s drama or negative outlook is not on my agenda today. I know this because I checked this morning when I got up: Mastermind. Check. Productive Day. Check. Awesome Clients. Check. Feel Good. Check. Get sucked into someone else’s drama/negativity cloud….nope, not there. Quick Jedi-move to the left & let it pass.

What’s on your agenda for today?

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  • I too have been prey to “negativity suckage” – if anything, I've learned tha negativity doesn't get one any further in life or their agenda. In fact, I would say that negative holds one back, produces a vortex in which one is stuck. I think it ends up being more difficult to remain negative than choosing to be positive.

    My agenda for the day is to remain positive, to think beyond my own little two eyeballs and consider what else is going on in the world/environment around me.

  • I love this! Such a lighthearted take such a profound theme. You must get your Jedi moves on tape, however. I want visuals!

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