Dreams and Where Do You Look For Answers?

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This morning I found my voice recorder, which I hadn’t seen the likes of since mid-2009. So of course I’ve spent part of the day listening to what I’d recorded from July 2009.

I listened to myself recount a dream from a nap I’d just taken. That recording was just under 8 minutes long, and when I reached the end of it, I thought…if I’m gonna record myself after a nap, I should really have some coffee first. Coffee in hand, I should then find something else to do, because the dream seemed to yield nothing of value. And then I listened to a 1-minute clip recorded just after the first ended.

The basic gist is that my friend was looking for something and unable to find it, and I asked her, “Where did you have it last?” To which she replied, “I have it right here.” She’d been looking everywhere other than in her hand for the thing. She’d checked the purse she used the night before, she checked the bed she’d woken up in that morning, she’d checked the table she had breakfast on and the couch she’d sat on until I arrived. All the places it wasn’t—outside herself.

Now I don’t need to dream for something like that to happen in real life, I lose my sunglasses on my head, my wallet in my pocket, my [insert thing I’m holding in my hand right now]. But as I listened to that recording, it hit me that this is what we do in life. We look everywhere outside ourselves for the answers we hold inside. If we’d just look in our own proverbial hands, we’d find everything we need!! All the right questions, all the right answers, all the right looking.

We just need to ask. Oh, and then maybe listen.

When you look for the answers to your life, where do you look?

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