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June 2010

What Would You Say To Your 20-Year-Old Self?

My best friend forwarded an email to me with this note attached: “I just heard this story on NPR and I think it’s right up your authentic alley.  It deserves a gay-themed, Dian-sized blog and feedback from all your adoring fans.” And this, just after I was getting all teary-eyed about the June Blog Challenge […]

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Self Evidence + Vision

As we’re coming to the close of June, I’m releasing myself from denial. I won’t get all 13 topics posted in the next 36 hours, and I’m okay with that.

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Truth and Lies and Videotape

Oh, the things we tell ourselves. I’ve been thinking about doing a video journal for some time now. As I thought about it again this morning, this post seemed to create itself.

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Choosing Optimism

Optimism is… hope. 

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Life Is

Today I’m pledging myself to being fair to my Authenticity. Fairness in Authenticity. Fairness in being me. Fairness in being.

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Dreams and Where Do You Look For Answers?

This morning I found my voice recorder, which I hadn’t seen the likes of since mid-2009. So of course I’ve spent part of the day listening to what I’d recorded from July 2009. I listened to myself recount a dream from a nap I’d just taken. That recording was just under 8 minutes long, and […]

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