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A few months ago there was a vision board course at the monthly ICF-LA meeting. It was the same night torrential downpours flooded the 710 freeway, and while I wanted to attend, I opted to stay home and work on my vision board in solitude.

The Wildcat was in London on business, and Jackson was content to curl up on the couch and simply look adorable. Meanwhile, I sifted through Oprah and ESPN and Inc. and Food & Wine and TIME and The New Yorker.

I searched for the perfect images, not really certain of what they would look like. By the end of the night I’d filled up half my cork-board with visions of what I’m manifesting or 2010 and beyond.

I put the cork-board up in my office and ogled at it for days. Until I gradually began to work in different areas of the house. Sometimes I write with my feet kicked up on the ottoman in the living room. Sometimes I work at the dining room table because I like the natural sunlight during the day. And sometimes I work in the office. But I rarely looked at my vision board.

This weekend I pulled out my vision board to add to it, to change it up, to readdress some things, to align myself exactly what I want for myself and my family.

I was one of the ones who filled up her board. I felt good. I’d cut out images and words I felt aligned with. I put them on the board in a way that made sense to me. I was ready to put my board back up. Just not in the same place.

When I’m working, I’m working. I’m focused. I don’t look at the wall. I look at the screen when I’m writing. I look at my client when I’m coaching. The Wildcat knows this of me and suggested we put our boards someplace we can check in with them on a regular basis.

So we did.

Hers ended up above her night stand for her to check in with before bed every night.

Mine ended up on the wall in the hallway between the office and the master bedroom.

The Wildcat’s is her business, so I’ll just share mine with you:

Here’s what I found helpful to think about as I worked through my vision:

  • Focus on emotion rather than image. Just because you find an image of what you want doesn’t mean it’s the right image. What makes it the right image is the emotion, the passion you feel for the end result when you look at that image.
  • Imperfection will work. Because you’re focused on the emotion and the passion behind the end result you’re visioning, the image doesn’t need to be exact. Relax and let the feeling of your vision take charge.
  • Timing isn’t everything. Just because you didn’t get all of your images on your board the first time around, don’t get discouraged. Having space on your board creates space for all that’s possible. You’ll come across perfect images that are aligned with your passion even when you’re not sitting down to look for vision board images. When you do, you’ll be ready to cut/print and put them on your board.

What The Wildcat and I liked about the experience was spending time with our energy focused on exactly what we want for our respective futures. Rather than muddle through daily life with a vague idea, we now have a clear vision of where we’re headed. And we now have a ourselves aligned with that vision.

It’s empowering to have my vision up and in alignment with who I am, and I’m excited for everything I’m headed towards.

How about you?

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