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I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been taking The Power of Now with a grain of salt this “second” time around, taking what fits and leaving the rest. I finally finished it towards the end of last week, and have been letting the learning percolate, seeing what sticks.

Simple focus on awareness brings me into a state of learning. A state of learning that can’t be found when I’m “trying”. Over and over again in the book, Tolle addresses the questions of “How will I know when…” by telling you to just be in the Now.Many times I felt myself rolling my eyes,

I’m rereading the portions I felt compelled to highlight and seeing if I still fee the connection to the words I felt when I read the the first time around.

  • Feeling will get you closer to the truth of who you are than thinking.” ~p. 122
    We waste so much time “reflecting” on who we are, rather than just feeling who we are. If I ask myself what the right thing for me to do is, I could sit and reflect all day long. But if I just move through my day, my life and feel what’s right for me, I’m going to be more on my right path than off of it. Feeling what’s right for me requires me to open myself up and let what I know to be true simply be. What anyone else thinks or believes is not welcome. This feeling is my own, and when I’m navigating my own path, I need to remember to do what’s right by me. This doesn’t mean I don’t need to ask for advice or help or support. It just means I need to trust my self.
  • “At the deepest level of Being, you are one with all that is.” ~p. 127
    This is the kind of thing I can’t just think about. This is the kind of thing I have to feel my way through. I feel connected to God. I feel connected to the Universe. I feel connected to my Source. You and I may have differing variations of what this means to us, and still, I feel connected to you. Can you feel my heart tugging at your Authenticity? I’m knocking at the door, seeing if she’s ready to come out and play. You’ll have to feel whether you are or not.
  • “…there is no only way way to salvation: Any condition can be used, but no particular condition is needed. … You ‘get’ there by realizing that you are there already.” ~p. 147
    Oh how this speaks to me. We spend so much time looking “out there” for freedom, for abundance, for knowing, for confidence. We look outside ourselves to see how we can rid ourselves of fear, of lack, of suffering, of pain. All we need to do is look within. I do this by way of meditation, and although I’m no expert at it, when I’m willing to just see myself, I can’t help but to see that I have all that I need. I can’t help but see that I do not need to be fixed. I can’t help but see that I am complete just as I am. Do you believe that you do not need to be fixed? Do you believe that you are complete just as you are? I can tell you the truth, that you do not need to be fixed, that you are complete just as you are…but it won’t matter unless you believe it from the center of your Being.
  • “The light is too painful for someone who wants to remain in the darkness.” ~p. 164
    I have a feeling I’ll be dedicating an entire post to this concept, because it strikes me at my core. I’m a people person. I like to help people. In fact, I love being of service. It’s easy to confuse ‘being of service’ with giving advice or even offering help. As a coach, I have to recognize that only the people who want to be in and of the light will live in and of the light. They will find their inner light when they are ready to go in search of it (within). Until then, I can only be of service by letting you have your own time-line and path to your light. If I use my light and you don’t want it, you’ll turn away because you’re not ready to be out of your darkness. When you’re ready, you’ll see the light that’s been there all along, guiding you to right where you are. Just the same, when you see someone else on the verge of “seeing the light,” the best way to be of service is to simply trust that they’ll get it in their own time. You could say this is a slightly different take on the old “you can lead a horse to water…” adage.

There’s more learning in the book for me, for sure. These are just the bits I’ve committed to focusing on for the next couple of weeks.

What learning are you committed to focusing on for the next couple of weeks?

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