Letter to Your Weakness From My Strength

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“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is always something to learn. I am forever asking myself, What’s the learning here? and going in search of strengths amidst what appears to be a sea of weaknesses. To you who feels like you’re in a sea of weaknesses, my strength has something to say:

To you who feels weak, I say say that you are strong. I don’t just say it, I mean it. I mean it because I see beyond your ego trying to protect your wounded soul, your scarred heart. Your heart is not meant to be pristine. Your heart is not meant to be unused. Your heart is meant to take risks and thrive and dare and dream. Your heart is meant to live and love and hurt and grow and teach and learn and be the window to and from your soul.

To you who has made mistakes, I say that there is no such thing. What you see as a mistake is simply an opportunity to learn. You may not see that now, but I promise you will. You’ll take this experience, this perceived “mistake” and move forward, even if you start out with baby steps, even if it feels like you’re moving in circles. You’ll put one foot in front of the other and you’ll look around and see that you have survived. You’ll see your soul by way of your heart and know that your scars are on the mend. You’ll love your scars and care for your scars and embrace the learning that comes from this wonderful experience that’s leading you to what you can’t see just yet.

To you who believes you have failed, I ask you to borrow my faith that you have not. Your steps—each and every precious one of them—are leading you exactly where you need to be. The outcome you foresaw for yourself was not the outcome the Universe or God foresees for you. Your path is your is your own, and this experience is so valuable to you that you will learn from it and share it with others so they can learn from it, too.

To you who’s in pain ind discomfort, I say to you, simply and lovingly: this discomfort you’re in, it’s growth. Lean into this discomfort and listen for what your strengths are trying to tell you. When you listen for your strengths, you’ll see your weaknesses transform themselves into strengths before your very eyes.

To you who has no faith in what I’m saying, I assure you that you do. I see beyond your ego’s smoke and mirrors, its attempts to keep you small while giving you the appearance of being big, trying to protect you from your life. You were not meant to be small and safe. In all your intricacies and beautiful unflawed movements, you were meant to be you.

Love and Light,

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May.20.2010 at 9.35 am


Square-Peg Karen May.20.2010 at 4.20 pm

Dian, this is one of the core gifts of the helping professions, don't you think?? to be able to hold hope for someone when they can't (at that moment) do so themselves!!!
Beautiful!! (YOU and the post – grin)

Alana May.21.2010 at 4.19 am

I am really needing/hearing this today. Thank you 🙂

Rebecca May.21.2010 at 2.49 pm

Lovely. Thank you.

Dian Reid May.21.2010 at 11.06 pm

you’re welcome =)

Dian Reid May.21.2010 at 11.07 pm

you're welcome =)

Dian Reid May.21.2010 at 11.07 pm

you're welcome =)

Dian Reid May.21.2010 at 11.10 pm

it SO is, karen…i love when inspiration to share something like this demands the use of my fingers on a keyboard. i started to write this for me and realized that i was writing it for people i've never even met. thanks for the support and the grin =)

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