How to Get Rich and Get People to Like You

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If you are unwilling to fail, sometimes publicly, and even catastrophically, you stand very little chance of ever getting rich.

~ Felix Dennis, How to Get Rich

Rather than write you a post to explain why I’m reading the book and all sorts of quips and insights into my brain, I’ll get down to the nitty gritty, and give you my take away from that line (and the book thus far—41 pages of 287 as of this posting):

Get over yourself.

This applies to getting rich, as well as just about any endeavor you’ll ever take on in your life. For real.

We spend so much time worrying about what this person or that person thinks—or might think—of us, or how “it” will be received, whatever “it” is we have to say or do, or what people will think if we don’t do “it” right the first time (aka FAILING). Forget about what anyone will say or think or do, and do whatever it is you’re worried about failing.

Because really, it doesn’t matter what they think. You’re never going to grow or get rich or get anyone to like you by doing what they want you to do.

And if you do fail, rather than using that as an excuse for not trying again or moving forward, learn from whatever it is you’re doing/thinking/saying/failing. If you’re not learning, you’re dying. Because when you’re learning, you’re growing. And when you’re growing, you’re alive, you’re living.

Rather than fear the failure, enjoy the learning. Rather than addressing all the what-ifs, address your intuition. What’s your intuition telling you about what you’re scared to move forward with? (And don’t mistake your intuition for that voice in your head that tells you you can’t do anything right anyway, so don’t even bother trying—that voice is your deflated ego trying to get you to believe that everyone else does everything right on the first try, and that’s a bunch of bullshit).

In full disclosure, I’m bookmarking this post for myself for when I get a little fear in my veins. We’re all human, and we all need a little reminder sometimes.

We all want to be successful, whether it’s in your career, in your parenting, in your relationship, in your creativity, in your learning. We all want people to like us—even if you say you don’t care what people think, I know you do—because we’re all human. The point isn’t to not care what people think or to not want to be successful.

The point is to feel the fear and then not let it hold you back from creating your success and living your dreams.

I hope you weren’t waiting for a bullet-pointed list of what to do to get rich and make people like you. You have all the tools you need. You just need to take that point up there and apply it to Your Authentic You.

And that is how to get rich and get people to like you.

Fail image used under Creative Commons License via Flickr.

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May.28.2010 at 9.51 am


Picsiechick May.28.2010 at 8.52 pm

I *love* this! So just what am I afraid of, anyway?

At this point, I think it's only just burnout. (whew!)

This Sunday, I'm hitting it *hard*. As Mr. Dave Doolin says: Downshift. Accelerate. On it.

Hugs and butterflies.

emma May.29.2010 at 1.09 am

Holy cow, this entire message is so applicable to where I am at the moment. I'm tempted to plaster my wall with copies of this post! Or at least stick a big post-it stating GET OVER YOURSELF in every room of my house.


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