Concrete Vision Garden

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After envisioning my vision on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, I felt the urge to gently wash away the residue of all that’s passed and create space for the growth from the seeds I’d planted. So I headed out to my little concrete garden on the patio outside the office.

I feel a kinship with my cactus garden. I love the simplicity of not only the garden, but the cacti themselves. Each plant is unique and different. Even the ones that split off from the same root are different. Just like me. I’m not my mother, I’m not my father, but I bear a strong resemblance to both, while still maintaining my own uniqueness and light.

The cactus plants are good to be left to their own devices, but only after they’ve been rooted. Cactus is advertised as the “drought-proof” plant, but they don’t just come that way. Me too.

I love that cactus plants need to be watered and nurtured and cared for when I first bring them home, or if I split them off to a new pot or flowerbed. This appeals to my mothering nature, as well as my innate need to take part in caring for the earth. One day soon, I’ll have a front yard and a back yard, and I can spend time on my hands and knees with the soil and the roots of my Mother Earth. Until then, I’m content with my concrete garden.

One of the plants I tended to on Sunday afternoon was a housewarming gift from a friend some months ago. I put it in the back patio and watered it every now and then, but it didn’t do so well. Upon taking it to replant, I realized that my friend hadn’t potted the plant, but just set the plastic cup it came in inside the pot. I think I even remember her telling us we’d have to re-pot it.

As I pulled the plant from its plastic container, I realized the connection between the plant and my vision board. I had some of the same visions from months and years past, but also a renewed passion for seeing them manifested into my reality. I saw that it wasn’t about simply putting images on a board and feeling the feelings, but about caring for those visions and nurturing them into reality.

I took my gardening gloves off and allowed my fingers, my hands to feel the soil, to feel the root of the plant in its move from temporary to permanent home. I didn’t just stuff in the dirt and soil, I lovingly spread and packed and pressed and placed. Then I trimmed her and named her Sammy.

I don’t know why “Sammy,” it just seemed to fit. I don’t want to just dust Sammy off and give her a makeover, I want her to thrive. I don’t want to just dust off my vision board, I want it to thrive. I’ve set an intention to see both grow as I can’t even imagine they will.

I have no idea what the outcome will be for either. That’s not really my business. But it is my business to care for both of them, and allow Sammy and my vision board to come to life, to be alive, and to manifest in whatever way they were meant to be.

Here’s my little garden. I encourage you to nurture your own.

Meet ‘Papi’:

And ‘Group Hug’:

This is what my new cactus bed looks like:

The last one started off like that, and now look at her:

Last, but not least: Basil and ‘Sammy’:

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