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Believe in your strengths.

Believe in your wisdom.

Believe in your intuition.

Believe in your abilities to accept abundance from the Universe.

Believe in you.

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May.7.2010 at 6.25 am


Jennifer Prentice May.6.2010 at 7.10 pm

Love the post and the very cool new “signature.”

Walter May.7.2010 at 1.51 am

With so many hindrances in life, it is oftentimes easy to give up believing. However, there's nothing to gain by losing our faith. 🙂

lemead May.7.2010 at 2.40 pm

So powerful.
Can you show me HOW?

Dian Reid May.7.2010 at 3.29 pm

thanks =) the signature was fun to create!

Dian Reid May.7.2010 at 3.30 pm

“…there's nothing to gain by losing our faith.” I love that, Walter! Thanks for stopping by & sharing.

Dian Reid May.7.2010 at 3.37 pm

I think this is our purpose in life…to find and then stay on a path where we believe in ourselves.

A place to start: Find the place in your body where you feel your strengths. Believe in that place, and begin to trust that it will always be there.

Another place to look…I have a feeling that if you re-read those letters to your children you'll believe in your strengths. And if you don't the first time, try reading them again, until you do 'o)

BK May.8.2010 at 1.27 pm

beautiful… thanks for the reminder.

Believe is one of my favourite words.


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