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Believe in your strengths.

Believe in your wisdom.

Believe in your intuition.

Believe in your abilities to accept abundance from the Universe.

Believe in you.

  • Love the post and the very cool new “signature.”

  • With so many hindrances in life, it is oftentimes easy to give up believing. However, there's nothing to gain by losing our faith. 🙂

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  • lemead

    So powerful.
    Can you show me HOW?

  • thanks =) the signature was fun to create!

  • “…there's nothing to gain by losing our faith.” I love that, Walter! Thanks for stopping by & sharing.

  • I think this is our purpose in life…to find and then stay on a path where we believe in ourselves.

    A place to start: Find the place in your body where you feel your strengths. Believe in that place, and begin to trust that it will always be there.

    Another place to look…I have a feeling that if you re-read those letters to your children you'll believe in your strengths. And if you don't the first time, try reading them again, until you do 'o)

  • BK

    beautiful… thanks for the reminder.

    Believe is one of my favourite words.


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