750 Words to Being Yourself

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Thanks to the nudge by the lovely Julie Jordan Scott, I’ve been using 750words.com to get me going when I’m stuck with my writing lately. It’s been a godsend. What I’ve found most interesting is not how many words I’ve written in three trips to the site (2,458) nor my average WPM (62) nor how many points I have for the month of May (6). What’s most intriguing to me is the glimpse into myself the site captures by logging my most frequently used words.

Day 1. 888 words. 53 WPM. 2 points.

Day 2. 794 words. 63 WPM. 2 points.

Day 3. 776 words. 71 WPM. 2 points.


What I like about the “Frequently Used” stat is that it’s a glimpse into right now. At least, “right now” while I was writing. See, it’s easy to get all analytical and pretend I’m thinking about [the giant bottle of water I’ve been meaning to drink since 8AM] but really, when I look at the words I used in my 776-888 words, the word “know” showed up in all three. I must be talking about things I know.

Of course, the words “don’t,” “maybe,” and “need” showed up in all three days as well. I can choose to analyze this data and let it run circles around me, or I can see it for what it is.

And what it is is writing. Writing what I know. Writing about the maybe’s and the needs and the knows and the don’ts. It’s writing to get what’s in my head out.

I haven’t gone back to read what I wrote, because that’s not the point of my 750 words. The point is to get unstuck. And the point of getting unstuck isn’t to analyze, it’s to be.

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