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May 2010

How to Get Rich and Get People to Like You

We all want people to like us—even if you say you don’t care what people think, I know you do—

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The Authenticity Report

I’ve gone and put together a monthly Authenticity Report, which you can have delivered to your inbox every month. And for signing up for it, I have a special gift for you: a free audio download to help you discover or reconnect with your most authentic you. Just use the form below to sign up […]

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750 Words to Being Yourself

Thanks to the nudge by the lovely Julie Jordan Scott, I’ve been using to get me going when I’m stuck with my writing lately. It’s been a godsend. What I’ve found most interesting is not how many words I’ve written in three trips to the site (2,458) nor my average WPM (62) nor how […]

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The Power of Coming Out

This morning I logged on to Twitter to read this: myndemayfield: country music singer chely wright comes out on oprah | inspiring Then I watched all 3 parts available on youtube. And Mynde was right…it was inspiring.

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Letter to Your Weakness From My Strength

“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson There is always something to learn. I am forever asking myself, What’s the learning here? and going in search of strengths amidst what appears to be a sea of weaknesses. To you who feels like you’re in a sea of weaknesses, my strength has […]

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More Learning From The Power of Now

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been taking The Power of Now with a grain of salt this “second” time around, taking what fits and leaving the rest. I finally finished it towards the end of last week, and have been letting the learning percolate, seeing what sticks. Simple focus on awareness […]

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