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I am honored to share with you an article that was written about me and Authentic Realities Coaching. Actually, it was a paper written for a Business Communications class, which resulted from an e-mail interview I did with the lovely Brittney Weber a few weeks ago. If you must know, she got an “A” on the paper, so be sure to congratulate her should you run into her around town. I don’t know what the criteria was for the high mark, I just know I liked the part where she said awesome stuff about me. (Yep, even coaches like to hear nice stuff about themselves).

Authentic Realities:
An Interview With Dian Reid

“I am the catalyst that inspires you to own your authenticity” (

This is a purpose statement for the business of authenticity coach, Dian Reid.  As a life and authenticity coach, Dian guides people through times of trouble or unrest and helps them to understand and work towards their purpose in life.  In an e-mail interview with Dian, she reveals her history working with a partner, her goals for her business, and obstacles faced and how she overcame them.  To get advice from someone who infuses positivity and hope into their business and daily life is a unique and valuable experience.  With an e-mail that ended, “Good luck and hard work,” Dian shared her own trials in business and the insight she gained from them.

Though Dian is the sole owner of Authentic Realities Coaching, she has had prior experience with a partnership.  The four factors she lists for an effective partnership are: written clarity on details of the partnership, trust, fun, and communication.  Before beginning a business with another person, Dian recommends talking over such matters as workload splits, time investment expectations, and profit splits.  She also suggests getting these in writing to save time and hassles down the road (E-mail Interview).  Trusting one’s partner is a no-brainer and is not worth the investment if the trust is not entirely there.  Work periods interspersed with bits of fun are necessary for many people to focus on their work.  Moments of fun can help make light of a situation and, at the same time, can help people be that much more productive when it comes time to get down to business.  Communication is a necessary aspect of any relationship, particularly one of business.  When combined, these elements all but ensure smooth working conditions when creating a business with another person.

Goals are a fundamental aspect of owning a business.  They serve the purpose of constantly pushing a person to succeed, to remind them why they began their entrepreneurial journey.  Dian bases her goals around her clients’ needs: “The business is successful as long as my clients get what they need from me. If I can’t make that happen, it makes no difference what long-term goals I have planned” (E-mail Interview).  This can be applied to virtually any company, big or small.  Customers are the mortar that allows owners to continue adding bricks to their business.  If consumers are not satisfied by one person or establishment, they will go elsewhere until they are.  With that said, Dian adds, “Based on my clients being happy and getting what they need from me, my long-term goals include a non-profit division, and a mentor division” (E-mail Interview).  Her former comment can be considered a strategic plan, while the latter goals are tactical ways of achieving this.

The final segment that must be examined when one owns a business are obstacles that were and are still being faced and how they have been or will be overcome.  The greatest challenge that Dian mentions is one that many can relate to: facing her fear.  She notes, “If you don’t believe in your business (and have a clear vision of where you want it to go), how can anyone else?” (E-mail Interview).  This confidence in one’s achievements, whether existing or predicted, can be used as a stepping stone to conquer the next obstruction that arises.  Though she remains self-assured, Dian still encounters certain encumbrances.  Some people overlook the fact that she has had more than eighteen years of experience that qualifies her for her job.  They instead observe that she has been in this particular field for “only” one year (E-mail Interview).  Not only does she recommend looking for people who are willing to look past this, but she also encourages patience.  “Plant the seed and wait for it to grow,” she advises. “Well, plant 1000 seeds and check in on them periodically, so to speak” (E-mail Interview).  This quality is also beneficial in those months that are economically uncertain.  This is the answer that Dian provides as the least enjoyable portion of being an entrepreneur.  As her favorite part of her job, she cites, “being able to do what I love and love what I do” (E-mail Interview).  Ultimately, this seems to balance out the months where hardships are found lurking.  Dian ends the interview with a piece of advice:

“In the beginning, be cautious, but don’t be afraid to fail. It’s in the failure that you’ll find success, because you’ll learn from your mistakes. I found that fear was the root of all my perceived failures in the beginning. When you feel like something’s not going right, ask yourself: What am I not willing to let go of? I’ve had some pretty amazing breakthroughs with that question alone” (E-mail Interview).

Having shared her experience working in a partnership, her goals for her business, and the obstacles that have arisen and how she has conquered them or how she plans to do so, Dian has offered the unparalleled insight of a life and authenticity coach.  She discussed the components that help a partnership come together.  For her own business, she talked about how her clients are necessary for her to achieve her goals.  Dian mentioned the largest barrier that she faced: fear.  She told how she unraveled this fear and how she has applied this newfound confidence to her business.  While she may still face occasional roadblocks, Dian is able to overcome them with assurance.  She holds onto this strength and incorporates it into her business, where she guides people to “find that little piece of authenticity hiding inside you, and you dust it off. You show it some sunlight. You take it to the playground. You tackle old beliefs with it and create new ones. You learn. You be. You learn how to be your authentic you” (

Personal Reflection
Sometimes a person tells you something that not only clicks, but it also sinks in and connects with something deep inside of your very being.  When Dian talks (or types, as the case may be), I am completely enraptured.  This interview not only met my expectations – it exceeded them.  Even on those days that make it difficult to milk them of any hope, Dian (via Authentic Realities Coaching) provides tidbits on her Facebook* page that encourage me to persevere.  As a budding business owner myself, I found Dian’s tips to be that much more helpful.  Facing many of the same fears or restraints as she did in the beginning, it is a relief to see her confidence in herself and her business now.  Dian and Authentic Realities Coaching are an inspiration to find work that one truly connects with and enjoys.

*Aside from the official website, Authentic Realities Coaching can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A budding freelance writer/proofreader, Brittney enjoys reading, writing, spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer, and people watching. Her favorite topics to write about include psychology, literature, metaphysics, and the amusing things that happen in day-to-day life. Brittney lives in her head much of the time and in one of Arizona’s most popular tourist destinations the rest of the time.

This article has been reprinted with permission by Brittney Weber. © Brittney Weber 2010. All Rights Reserved.

  • Such a great opportunity for Brittney, and a well-written paper. The information and advice you gave in this paper, Dian, is timeless and should be shared with pretty much anyone in the working world–especially the question “What I am not willing to let go of?” Thanks for sharing this!

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    Thank you for your comment, Jennifer!

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