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I was traipsing around in my Google Reader this morning when I came across one of my favorites, msquared. She posted Note To Self, and I promptly stole her idea.

  • write your ass off.
    For me, this means: don’t worry about getting tired of writing, just write. Don’t worry about what you’ll write, just write. Don’t worry about what people will think, say or do about your writing, just write. Writing is the catharsis that leads me to authenticity, so it’s extremely important for me to write my ass off.
  • remember the hill cows.
    You may remember this story from my Love Letter To Mom last month. It’s not that I want to remember the story, per se…I understand that the legs of a cow (hill or moo) are all four, relatively the same size, and that one does not fare better on a hill than the other. But if there were such a thing as “hill cows” as my mom described them to me all those years ago, I should hope I wander slow enough, graze lazily so as to not miss the important patches of feeding my soul. Remembering the hill cows means soaking in life, enjoying what’s right here in front of me, and allowing it all to nourish me.
  • get over yourself.
    I can hold myself to such high standards that I would never do anything “right”. I sometimes believe that something worth doing is worth doing right or not at all. And when I get over myself, I recognize that line of thinking as complete and utter bullshit. Anything worth doing is simply worth learning how to do, and that may include so called failures along the way. I’m not too good to fail and learn from it, so I’ll just get over myself.
  • just be happy.
    This one kind of speaks for itself. But in case you or I get confused by it, here’s what Esther Hicks has to say about it: Get Happy.
  • go big.
    So many times I’ve held myself to being small because I’ve let my fears guide the way. I’m over being small in a big way. I’m ready to go big. I don’t know what it will look like, but whatever it is, I’m ready for me. The big me who’s been cheering me on since the day I started all this business called life.

What’s your ‘note to self’?

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