RYAY Teleseminar Postponed (or Why You Should Back-up Your Hard Drive)

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It is with a little bit of sadness and a little bit of relief that I announce the postponement of Tuesday night’s Rock Your Authentic You teleseminar. Sadness because it’s an awesome hour I won’t be able to share with you just yet, and relief because I wouldn’t be able to give you the full experience without the tools I’m missing right now.

Last Thursday morning my hard drive crashed. Kaput. I’m in the process of determining whether or not any of my data can be recovered. I’m hopeful, but not holding my breath.

It all happened so fast…one minute I was sitting in my office writing up a post on my 3 Minutes of Silence project (which is going well), and what seemed like the next minute I stood at the Genius Bar in the Costa Mesa Apple store listening to a man tell me he couldn’t locate my hard drive. He might as well have told me he couldn’t locate my heartbeat.

Before you ask about what I did to backup my files, I’ll share with you in horror that the last time I backed up my files was 3 months ago. My mind raced with the words “I’m sorry, your hard drive has failed…” As I thought about my book, my business documents, my presentations…and then to the more personal things: my music, my journals, my photos, my videos. Then all of a sudden, my mind went to a quiet place.

She slowed my heart to a calm pace, she silenced my little devils and gremlins, who were trying to tell me that everything was lost. My mind silenced the fears and sprung into reality. The reality was: I don’t know what will happen now.

What happened was: I went to lunch. I dropped off my hard drive to see if it was possible to pull the data from it. I walked Jackson. I met a friend for coffee. I had dinner at home with my love. I read before going to bed. I slept.

All the things I would have done, had my hard drive not crashed. And it all felt good.

But my emotions would finally catch up with me. In a call with one of my coaches I broke down. I felt like a failure.

What kind of writer doesn’t back up her book? What kind of entreprenuer doesn’t back up her business files? What kind of music lover doesn’t back up her music? What kind of person relies so much on a piece of machinery that she physically has heartache over losing the ability to use it?

The answer to all of those questions was: Me; the kind of person who makes mistakes. And then learns from them.

I share this story with you, not in search of sympathy for my (possibly) lost data and not for your feedback on what data backup system you recommend (although I wouldn’t turn either away). I share this story because being your authentic you isn’t about only showing the positive; it’s about feeling the everything.

I’m no longer woeful in missing my laptop and all the joy it brings me; I’m grateful for it, and the loss helps me see some of my values more clearly. I don’t have to judge myself over not backing up my files. I just know how to move forward from here. I’m not a terrible writer or entreprenuer or music lover or person for not backing up the files. I’m human; it is what it is. And I’ll get over it.

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Brittney February.16.2010 at 3.39 pm

Having experienced the same thing (to which I lovingly refer to as “The Great Hard Drive Crash of '06”), I am familiar with all the emotions you described. With that said, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I say that with empathy, yet with a laugh. Isn't it funny in a twisted sort of way how all that information just disappearing initially feels like a death of sorts? Incidentally, it really is a death – a death of that aspect of the ego that relies so heavily on technology. I'm glad you choose to look at it as growth.

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