Rock Your Authentic You (Yes, You!)

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Join me via phone on February 16th to Rock Your Authentic You. What does that even mean, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

  • You— You’ve got to be able to own you. That’s all you can do. You can’t change “them” (no matter who “them” is). But before you own who you are, you have to know who you are. You have to listen to you. When you’re listening, then you can begin honoring you—that piece of you inside that you thought was so small, but is actually larger than the life staring back at you in the mirror.
  • Relationships— What do you think about the relationships in your life? When was the last time you evaluated them and decided that people were still a good match for who you’ve become today and where you’re headed in the future? Are you listening to your needs or your whims? Are you listening to their needs or their whims? Think about your friends, your family, your significant other…do they know who you really are? Or do you switch yourself into the “ON” position every time they’re around? When do you get to be you?
  • Work/Career— The economy sucks. Still. And still, there are people out there doing exactly what they want to for a living. Are you one of those people? Are you happy in your workplace? Enjoying your career? Do you feel heard? Do you even try speaking up? If you did speak up, what would you even say? What part of yourself do you lock in the car all day just so you can make it through the next 8 hours?
  • Finances— Do you meet your financial needs? Do you barely make ends meet? Do you live on credit? How you handle your finances says a great deal about how you feel about yourself on he inside. Suze Orman can tell you a whole hell of a lot more about that than I can. I just want you to look at how you honor yourself in the financial statements you make about yourself.
  • Health/Wellness— When you look in the mirror are you proud? Are you able to look beyond the body on the outside and see the person on the inside? Does the person on the inside match the person you’ve created on the outside? Who are you being when you honor your health and wellness? What part of you is represented by your health and wellness?

And then….

  • Inner Influences— How much of your life is governed by what the people and institutions closest to you believe? How much is governed by you?
  • Outer Influences— How much of your life is governed by what the people and institutions you hardly know believe? How much are you influenced by what others say and do before taking a look at what you believe?
  • You— And back to you again. Are you in charge of your life or do you allow people and things and money and situations and circumstances and mishaps and the economy to dictate your next move? How big or small of a role does conscious choice play in your life? How much of YAY (Your Authentic You) shows up in your daily life?

We’ll spend 60 minutes taking a look at these areas in depth, and help you take a look at what matters most to you in those areas. Where can you learn from yourself? Where can you stretch yourself? Where can you be yourself? Where can you Rock Your Authentic You?

I don’t have a fancy sign up list, or subscription box yet, but I promise you that if you contact me HERE, I will send you an email with the bridge line information for the call on February 16th, 6:00PM PST at least 3 days prior to the call.

(Psssst….you don’t want to miss this call.)

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