Hard On Yourself Much? (#mindfulist)

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Simple prompt: “Notice any tendency to ‘be hard on yourself,’ or to feel frustrated or a failure. See this kind of judgment as just another kind of thinking, and gently return awareness to the breath.” ~ The Mindfulist

Searing pain as I look closely (too closely?) at all the ways I’m hard on myself. The prompt doesn’t suggest “too” hard, just “hard”. I appreciate this, because who can say what is too hard?

My writing. My coaching. My learning. My meditating. My blogging. My weight. My body. My toes. My freckles. My kitchen. No wait…there’s nothing wrong with my kitchen….

To be hard on one’s self is to judge one’s self at all. There are shoulds and shouldn’ts. There are could’ves and would’ves and if-onlys. There are why-didn’t-I’s and why-did-I’s. There are he-saids and she-saids and they-saids. And all of those things just don’t matter.

And so I breathe. I breathe in. I breathe out. I notice the natural depth of each breath as it progresses, as it begins to permeate my soul and relax me. I notice the judgments melting away. I notice the what-is. I notice the right-now. I notice the present-being. I notice me.

And then I accept her.

  • Oh, the RIGHT NOW! I love the right now!! Isn't it the oddest thing that we wander off to other places?

    “My kitchen. No wait…there’s nothing wrong with my kitchen….” made me laugh! But wow – I wish I could stay (wish we ALL could stay) in that RightNow place – sigh. Love this reminder!!

  • AlanaSheeren

    “I notice me. And then I accept her.” This catches me, turns me on my head today. Breathing in and out now. 🙂

  • it's mind boggling to me how difficult it really IS to stay in that RightNow place, as you put it….

  • I just belatedly saw this prompt, and I am so into it. Like seriously into it. There's so much wisdom and possibility in seeing these negative thoughts as simply thoughts, and nothing more. Looking toward a full day tomorrow, I might be writing this on a sticky and attaching it to my monitor.

  • Beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.

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