Breathing In, Breathing Out #3MoS

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As I’ve begun my three minutes of silence “project” I’ve started to notice my breathing. I’ve kind of skipped over the quality of the breaths for now, and am just noticing what happens when I breathe in, what happens when I breathe out. It’s not that I’ve never noticed these things before, but now I’m paying attention. I’m seeing the substance. I’m playing around with it, getting my fingers and hands and toes and mind gritty with what’s there. I’ll figure out what to do with it later.

Breathing in

When I’m breathing in, I’m taking in all the energy around me. I’m taking in the fear, the judgment, the beauty, the rain, the joy, the green green grass, the heartache, the sand, the resentment, the forgiveness.

Breathing out

When I’m breathing out, I’m letting go of all the energy inside me. I’m releasing the fear, the  judgment, the beauty, the rain, the joy, the green green grass, the heartache, the sand, the resentment, the forgiveness.

When I breathe out, I’m making room for what I’m breathing in.

So, let me be as conscious of what I’m breathing in as what I’m breathing out.

Breathing in is all the things I want to take in for myself. When I breathe in and I think about how wrong it is for this child behind me to be yelling at his mother for attention in the library, I take on all the negative energy of that judgment. And if I don’t breathe it out right away, I hang on to it. Until I make a conscious effort to release it.

It’s not that I need to be overly specific in my releasing, in fact, it’s the opposite: I need to be general, and then drill down as necessary. When I am conscious of my breaths, I need to release negative energy. I need to release judgments. I need to poke around in my unconscious and release residual anger and resentments. There may be little or no scientific proof, but I know like I know like I know that stored negative energy like that causes illness and cancers and very bad things that I don’t wish to reside in my body. I’ve read Anatomy of the Spirit a few times, bit by bit, piece by piece and keep it on my book shelf as a reference guide. But wait…before the releasing, there’s something else…

Reading Anatomy of the Spirit a hundred times over won’t change my breathing or my resentments or my fears or my judgments. The reading creates awareness, and then it’s up to me what to do with that awareness. Just like meditation. When I meditate, I become aware of me, of my here and now. I become aware of what’s happening in my mind right now. Of what’s happening in my body right now. What I choose to do with that awareness is entirely up to me. Which is probably why meditation works for some and not for others.

Which brings me back to this breathing in and breathing out. For now, I’m noticing what I’m breathing in. I’m noticing what I’m breathing out. First, create the awareness. And then take the action. So many times I’ve gotten ahead of myself and tried to change behavior, but I had no idea what behaviors I was trying to change. I just knew I wanted to be different, to be “better”. Better than what? Better than who?

And so, for now, I’m simply noticing me, which I’ve said before. See, there’s a lot of me to notice. There’s the coach, the woman, the mother (surrogate, and of animals, but a mother nonetheless), the friend, the business owner, the blogger, the tweeter, the house cleaner, the music lover, the consumer, the guest, the diner, the runner, the flip-flop wearer, the painter, the disciplinarian, the picture-taker, the cuddler, the meditater, writer, the thinker, the analyst, the laugher, the humorist, the lover, the cheese connoisseur, the toe crosser, the driver, the pet sitter, and the 400 other -ers I am at any given moment of the day, week, month, year. I bet if you sit for even a minute, there’s a lot of you to notice, too.

Along with the noticing of who shows up in these three minutes of silence each day, I’m noticing the judgments. I’m not doing anything about them just yet, I’m simply taking note; I’m seeing what’s there. I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out.

I think there will be a natural flushing of some negativity, as well as a natural integration of positive energy. This is what my intuition tells me. She tells me not to worry about the outcome, not to worry about anything at all, in fact. Just notice; just be.

I’m listening.

What do you notice about you?


whollyjeanne February.6.2010 at 7.40 pm

i've been noticing my breathing lately – especially last week in denver when it seemed a bit harder. breathing. such a simple thing. such a big thing.

isaokato February.7.2010 at 2.47 pm

I have been practicing meditation once a week for several months and although my mind still bounces around like my cat my body tells me I feel relaxed during meditation. The noticing part is the hardest. I still am not sure whether I should let my thoughts go through its course or consciously detach myself from recurring thoughts (sometimes accompanied by emotions). I might try doing it every day for 3 minutes as you wrote and see if the small chunks make any diference..

Dian Reid February.7.2010 at 5.23 pm

kind of like the blood flowing through our veins, we hardly notice the oxygen passing through our lungs…but we sure notice when it's difficult. thanks for that aspect, julie…

Dian Reid February.7.2010 at 5.25 pm

@isaokato: Would love to know if the small chunks make a difference. It's interesting that your mind bounces while your body is relaxed…like they're disconnected. Do you feel that way or does one eventually have an effect on the other?

Nice to see you here, and thanks for joining the conversation =)

Julie Jordan Scott February.7.2010 at 6.56 pm

When I pause, I notice the tightness in my muscles. How letting go in my body needs to be something I pay attention to, and that when I am relaxed and loose, I feel better. My body tends to sit in the center of “red alert”… vestiges from my childhood, I suppose.. and there isn't a need for it now… so I shall remember, today – to let go of that tension, consciously.

Thank you for the reminder.

Dian Reid February.8.2010 at 7.57 pm

“vestiges from my childhood, I suppose.. and there isn't a need for it now…” I've found myself in this place often in the past couple of years…but only because I've been looking. It's the consciousness that cures us, I think

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